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Chapter 2

"But I can't tell him!" I thought to myself on my drive to school the next day, "He'll be so upset! But what if he finds out from someone else, and then found out that I knew! Then he'll be mad at me!"

I'd had this conversation with myself over and over again since I had seen Holly and Drew in the Band Room the day before. I had left my Clarinet in the Band Room at school, and knowing the school was open until 7, I went back around 6:30 to get it. Before I could open the door, I saw Holly and Drew through the window in the middle of a make-out session. I watched for a few seconds, just to be sure it was who I thought it was, before I turned, leaving my Clarinet behind, and walked back to my car, getting angrier with every step I took.

How dare she do something like that do Ben? He didn't deserve that. He had put up with her longer than anyone had thought possible for a human being and had hardly complained, and never to his guy friends. Just to me. How dare she lead him on, and pretend to care about him? How could she do this so carelessly? Go out to dinner with him, be his boyfriend, and then make-out with someone else. And with Drew Holloway of all people. Drew was the starting running back for the team, and his name was in the paper almost as much as Ben's. He was supposed to be one of Ben's best friends. When they met in 5th grade, Drew told Ben that girls weren't cool to be best friends with, and Ben and I didn't really hang out for a while, but eventually he decided that it was okay for him to hang out with both of us, just that together probably wasn't a good idea.

After that, everything was fine. We were both friends with Ben, just never friends with each other. And that was totally fine with me.

So here I was, driving to school the next morning, fuming and debating over what to do. When I pulled into the parking lot, and into my alphabetically ordered parking space, in the 'T's for Thompson, my friend Morgan (Till) got out of the car next to me. Sounds kind of weird, but we met sophomore year by walking to school from the sophomore parking lot.

"Hey friend," she smiled, "What's happenin'?"

"Hey," I smiled back, and then made a quick decision. Don't tell her about Drew and Holly. If I decided to later, I could, but I couldn't take back what I say now.

"Did you finish the Anatomy assignment from Mr. Flint?" She asked, "Because I need some serious help."

I laughed. This was a daily conversation. Morgan knew I was a science wiz, and took advantage of our friendship by asking me for help on almost every assignment. I didn't mind though, since she helped me with my art assignments, which was definitely not my strong point.

We walked up the path to the front doors of my high school, where we were in October of our junior year. When I parted ways with Morgan to go to our separate lockers, Holly came directly up to me.

"I know you know," she said with a devilish grin, "and I'm not scared. I know you won't tell. You wouldn't want to hurt him, right?"

And with that, she turned on her heel, and flounced away.

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