all evidence points to otherwise

by, Cassandra

Too much, too soon,
and I lose the tune.
I lost the words.

I'm left speechless.

Too much of you,
and I lose myself.
I lost my purpose.

I'm left stranded.

Too much doubt,
and I lose the will.
I lost the need.

I'm left waiting.

(once again, I seem to be at the point of waiting and wondering and a whole shitload of self-doubt. No wonder when I've got people telling me to shut up every ten seconds. I need to find somewhere where I can scream if I fucking feel like it and no one can tell me to stop. No one can tell me to fucking shut up. I need to spill my guts and not feel sick afterward, knowing that someone now holds all my deepest, darkest hurts and fears in their hands... and they don't even care.)