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Chapter 8

The inn was lively with music as the waxing moon shined luminously through the window. Isra, Manami, and Yasen sat at a table in the corner of the inn where it was away from the rowdy activity. The redhead sipped her grog slowly, contemplating about future voyages. Isra watched Damon drunkenly boast tales of the sea to the crowd, and her mates flirt with wenches. So far, Lyall and his friends were not in sight.

Perhaps they left permanently, Isra thought. She would have to see tomorrow morning if they were coming back to the ship. Her eyes shifted to Yasen whom had been staring at her for some time.

Startled, the pirate captain blushed slightly. "Have you decided who to hunt?"

Yasen nodded without any words. She preferred not to discuss the details of her bounty hunt at this moment. Not that she felt she could not trust Isra, but it was best to discuss bounty hunts in more secluded places. Isra, understanding it all, did not mention it again.

The chorus of music stopped abruptly as sudden violins stringed quietly in the background. A flute took lead, playing a soft melody ideal for romantic dancing. Isra could not help smirking as she watched drunken men trying to dance with wenches and ladies. Damon broke off his storytelling and glanced around the room, appearing to look for someone. When he finally spotted the three women sitting in the corner, he stumbled towards them.

"Ready for trouble…" Manami mumbled, looking down at her drink.

"Manami, lass!" Damon called out to her. "Dance with me!"

"Absolutely nay," the redhead replied sternly. "I, not a dancer."

"'Tis bad! How about you, captain?"

Isra widened her eyes in amusement. "You know I will reject it," she responded. Like Manami, she was not a dancer. She did not even know how to dance, and she would not even dance with him in his drunken state.

"Come on," Damon pleaded. "Just a lil' dance!"

"Actually," Yasen said, pushing herself up, "Captain Isra is dancing with me." The brunette drew all attention to her, feeling a bit embarrass at her impulsive declaration. She just could not bear the thought of Isra dancing with him, especially when he was drunk. The idea made her feel very repulsive and jealous.

Isra, whom was surprised by the unexpected announcement, did not know whether Yasen was joking or not. She searched through her eyes that showed that she was serious about it. Finding her voice, Isra began, "Yes, Yasen indeed is dancing with me."

"Bah!" Damon cried disappointedly, spinning away on his heels. "I go find myself another lass that wants to dance with a handsome pirate!"

Manami sighed with relief. "Handsome, har har…" she mumbled sarcastically. "Glad he's gone." Looking at Yasen, the redhead winked at her. "Go along, dance with her, Yasen. Be good to her."

"Be good to me…?" Isra asked with confusion. "What are you talking about, Manami?" She felt a hand tugging her wrist lightly, making her face Yasen whose cheeks were slightly red.

Trying to come up with an excuse, Yasen said, "I don't know. I just thought I would get him away from us." Half of that was true, but she mainly did intended to ask Isra to dance with her earlier while she was staring at her.

Isra chuckled. "Well, it did work."

The brunette held out her hand. "So, will you dance with me, m'lady?"

Fighting against a battle of blushes, Isra managed to make eye contact with Yasen. She did not hesitate to touch her soft hand, noticing it was as small as hers but much warmer. The pirate captain had never been so embarrass in her life before; something about being asked to dance was suddenly intimidating.

Yasen led her to the dance floor, feeling her own heart pound against her chest. She had finally asked Isra to dance with her, and she did not get rejected. She was greatly delighted and honored that the pirate captain was going to dance with her.

Isra met face to face with the brunette. Not that she just noticed it, Yasen was already gorgeous with her wavy locks of brown hair and handsome facial features. She had a pair of eyes that caught the pirate captain's full attention which intimidated her very much in the beginning. How Yasen locked her eyes with hers made her inner self melt. The intense woodsy pigments coloring her eyes stood out as they were surrounded by the glowing candle lights that lit the inn. Her straight thick eyebrows added a boost to her attractiveness.

"I… do not know how to dance," Isra admitted embarrassing.

"It's okay," Yasen replied, smiling softly. "Just put your arms around my neck."

Doing what she was told, Isra soon felt Yasen's arms wrapping around her waist. It felt rather nice and comfortable being held in her arms. The music droned out of Isra's ears as she focused on the handsome woman before her. She felt sudden emotions she had not dealt before running through her mind and churning in her stomach. She had not felt those feelings for a long time; the last time she was attracted to someone was very long ago. Isra finally realized her own feelings for Yasen that her care for her was more than just friendship.

Yasen felt butterflies in her own stomach as she gazed at Isra. There was something about the dark-haired woman that attracted her to make her extend her time longer in Brassport. Now that she was holding Isra in her arms, she wanted to kiss her—kiss her whole emanating beauty.

Isra's breath grew ragged, making her lean closer to Yasen. Yasen drew Isra closer to her, meeting her lips with Isra's. The two kissed softly, and they returned their attention back to each other.

Feeling a bit dumbfounded and light-headed, Isra murmured bluntly, "We just kissed…"

"Mhmm…" Yasen replied, touching a strand of her black hair. "Did you not like it?"

"Oh no," Isra replied with a chuckle. "I liked it very much." She drew herself closer to Yasen and kissed her again.

Yasen kissed the tip of her nose. "You know, you are so beautiful."

Isra blushed, rolling her eyes. "I believe someone is blind."

Whistles interrupted Isra and Yasen, making them turn their heads to the side. There, Damon and her mates had witnessed them kissing. Strangely enough, Isra did not feel embarrassed about it.

"Mind yer own businesses, ye pirates!" Isra called out teasingly in her best pirate accent. She received back an approving roar of laughter.

Yasen chuckled softly. "That was cute," she remarked. Isra was not very "pirate" to begin with since she lacked the sea accent, so it was amusing to hear the pirate captain speak that way. Isra was also often serious, so it was rare to see her light side.

Isra rolled her eyes again. "Let us go outside." It was probably a good idea now to leave the inn, so they had actual time for themselves and no observing gawking eyes. They headed out of the inn unsure where to go at first.

"Let's go to the beach," Yasen said, holding her hand. "The moon is nice tonight."

Isra nodded in agreement, mesmerized by the celestial body in the night sky. She felt happy in Yasen's presence as they walked to the beach. She did not know if she loved Yasen, but until then, she was sure at this moment she loved her. Feelings of love was still very new to the pirate captain—the last she had "loved" someone resulted in a foolish tragedy. Perhaps because of this wound, she had avoided being intimate with others romantically and emotionally. Yasen had managed to break into her shell, however, and perhaps she could heal them.

The brunette was quite sure of her feelings for Isra. Although they had met a short while ago, she felt strongly attracted to the pirate captain that she wanted to stay close to her. Yasen cared for Isra's well-being and enjoyed being in her company. She also loved her smiles; it made her happy to see Isra happy. Yasen wanted to protect her and show her how much she admired her.

The two stood on the sand, feeling the heels of their boots sink underneath the soft texture. Isra rested her head on Yasen's shoulder as Yasen's arm kept her waist warm.

"Who is the bounty you are hunting?" Isra asked, bringing up the topic from earlier again. Not only was Isra still curious, but she was deciding she could help the brunette with the task. They apparently were in a relationship now, so she did want them to separate.

Yasen released Isra's waist, fetching the folded bounty poster she kept in her pocket. Isra unfolded the paper, her face suddenly twisting as if she had been blown to the head.

"What's wrong?" Yasen asked, confused, searching through Isra's eyes. The surprise dissipated from Isra's face, soon replaced with coldness.

"Desert Flower…" Isra mumbled. "That woman is Desert Flower." The image of Desert Flower was peering back at Isra mockingly; her face half covered by the dark red bandana, supposedly dark red if she still kept her gang colors, which was colored black and white in the image. Isra remembered the details of her penetrating small green eyes, and her golden circlet earrings that flashed back in the background of her long curly black hair. Her ex-mentor's very old chilling laugh echoed in her mind, reminding her of her painful past. Assyria—Desert Flower helped create her, and now Desert Flower's head was finally wanted—whoever dared to go after her.

Yasen widened her eyes at the coincidence. "I did not know… Her name was not mentioned."

"Many people don't know her name," Isra said quietly. "I only know because I was once a part of her gang. If she did take names, they were all false identities."

The brunette frowned. "I'm quite unsure about this bounty now..."

"It is better off if you don't pursue her," Isra began. "She is dangerous. She is who I should deal with; I will go after her."

Yasen widened her eyes. "If you are going after her, I will have to as well." She could not bear the thought of Isra facing this woman alone. Desert Flower seemed to be the cause of much of Isra's misery, and Yasen wanted to help destroy her. Besides, she did not want Isra to face the danger alone, or yet, be apart from her.

"I won't stop you from coming with me then," Isra replied, casting her eyes to the sea. Her mind grew heavy thinking of the consequences and risks that would cost them. But this was whom Isra should had dealt with again long ago. This time she would not fail. Isra looked back at Yasen; it was much better if she faced this alone. It was only between Desert Flower and her. It would be unfair to drag Yasen into this.

"Good," Yasen replied, placing a hand on her shoulder. She kissed her cheek softly. "I wouldn't bear the thought of being without you."

Isra returned the kiss, smiling at her. "Neither would I, but Desert Flower is dangerous. I don't want you to be in danger with me."

"I'm always in danger," Yasen mused. "Am I not a pirate as well?" She faced equal challenges as much as Isra had. It took her a long time to get to where she was today since she never started off as a pirate. It was a way of life she never thought of choosing for herself when she was younger. Danger was always she would encounter, and she was ready for it.

"Very well then…" Isra decided hesitatingly. "Damon will have to become the new captain of Garnet." She would have to give up her captain position to Damon since she would not be able to travel with her crew by sea. She was going to go on a separate journey from them. Hopefully, she would be alive to meet them again.

Yasen nodded understandingly. She watched as Isra crumbled the image of Desert Flower, tossing it far into the rocking sea until it disappeared in the deep waters. Isra did not know where the future would lead them to as they were going to pursue Assyria. Words of revenge for Nanya, her village, and her own self whispered through her mind.

I will come for you, Desert Flower, Isra thought silently. I will come for you...