Tenshi 1

"Good bye!"

"Matta ne! (See you)" A girl greeted her fellow students with a large smile, leaving boys swooning over her. Her golden brown hair, streaked with bronze, trailed behind her in a low, loose ponytail. Her crystal emerald eyes greeting everyone it laid eyes on. No one could resist replying to her as she walked to the teachers' office. Kindness overflowed from her and into the people she came across.

A group of three girls and two boys gathered around in a circle, but still watched as the girl approached. One of the girls, casually, stuck out her foot as soon as the girl passed, causing her to tumble to the ground. Books, paper, and folders skittering across the hallway.

"Oh my! Aoi-san, I'm so sorry! I lost my balance and put my foot out to catch myself, but it seems as though it caused you to fall." A girl with wavy black hair said, looking down on the fallen Aoi Chou with her silver eyes.

"Don't worry about it, Tanao-san. No blood, no foul, right?" Chou stood up and dusted herself off before venturing to retrieve the things she dropped. Some of the students stopped to help her, and they got a large smile in return.

"Are you an idiot?" Amethyst eyes glared at her. The owner of those eyes, a boy with ear short black hair, bumped into Chou, causing a book to fall out of her hand; two boys followed the boy's lead. The shorter one had straight, jet black hair while the other one had thick, wavy, sand blonde hair. The blonde paused as his friends walked on and picked up the book that fell down.

"Please excuse him." The boy smiled apologetically. Chou nodded speechless, and the boy ran after his friends.

"Don't pay much attention to him, Chou-chan. Souke Ren is nasty to a lot of people. Though his friends seems pretty nice." A girl with black hair and a pixie cut walked up to the stunned girl.

"I'll try, Yoru-chan" Chou readjusted her load so she could carry them more comfortably.

"Mou! (Come on) It's I-chi-go!" Yoru Ichigo complained to the girl she had been trying to get closer to for almost a year now.

"Sorry Yoru-chan! I really need to go!" Chou dashed off in the direction of the teachers' office.

"I-CHI-GOOOOOO!" Ichigo yelled after the fading girl. "Mou, that girl." Ichigo took one last look at where Chou disappeared and headed towards the shoe lockers.

~(Teacher's Office)~

"Thank you so much Aoi-san. You have been a great help." Kanada-sensei took the materials off of my hands and set them down on the table. She was a tall woman with a small waist, making her chest and hips look wider. Platinum blonde hair was braided down to her waist, and live flowers decorated it. She wore a dark blue suit with a skirt and black pumps. Her white blouse underneath was opened to reveal a bit more cleavage than the school dress code, but the horny supervisor didn't mind it at all.

"Well, you are my homeroom teacher, and I'd love to be of any help!" Chou flashed her heart warming smile. The teacher, even though she was a straight woman, blushed slightly at the innocent sight. "Oh, do these files need to be put in the storage room?" She asked when she saw a pile of manila folders on Kanada-sensei's desk.

"Well, yes, but I couldn't ask you to do that."

"No, I would love to. I don't have anything else to do but to go home, so it's fine!" Chou picked up the large pile and tried to balance it.

"Aoi-san, you can't carry-ah! Souke-san, could you help Aoi-san here carry these files to the storage room?" Kanada-sensei called out to Souke Ren as he was passing by the teachers' office. Ren stopped briefly, looked at Chou, looked at the sensei, and left with his hands in his pockets.

"Mou, Souke-san!"

~(Storage Room)~

"That stupid sensei. And here I thought I could peacefully return home." Ren held the door open long enough for Chou to walk in with half of the files. The door closed shut and the two started working on organizing the files they brought in.

Click. A person in the shadows used a key to lock the storage room from the outside and walked away with a twisted smile.

"Huh? Did you hear that?" Chou turned to look at the closed door questionably.

"Hear what? Just get back to work. The sooner we finished, the sooner I can leave." Ren mumbled, but loud enough for Chou to hear every last word. It stung a little bit, but Chou decided not to take it too personally. He probably was having a bad day or he just wanted to go home and rest.

(Some time later)

"Dekimashita! (Done)" Chou stretched, getting up from the ground. Ren jumped off of the window ledge, already having finished his pile, with the help of Chou of course.

"Let's get out of here." Ren head straight for the door. He turned the door knob, but it didn't budge. No matter how much he tried, the door knob wouldn't turn in his hands.

"Souke-kun, is something wrong with the door?" Chou came up behind him and watched at he tried to force the door to open.

"The door, ugh, won't, ah, open!" Ren frustrated kicked the door but it only affected his foot.

"Souke-kun, are you okay?" Chou hovered over the boy rubbing his sore feet. He turned to see her so close and jumped away.

"Don't stick so close, idiot." Ren stood up straight again and looked at the door. "I guess someone locked the door from the outside. It seems like we'll be here until someone comes." Ren turned to Chou who was trying to open the window. The only window in the room was the one Ren was sitting in. The window was on the outer part of the wall, instead of being in the middle, causing there to be a ledge and a wall around it.

"Oi! What are you doing, baka? (stupid)" He pulled the girl away from the window. "Do you not see the window frames? Ahou! (Fool) It's about to give way at any moment! Where are your brains?" He looked out the window and saw it was a three story drop, without anything to help them down. The window faced the back of the school, which was, inconveniently, a thin forest, but nevertheless, a forest.

"Muridayo. (It's impossible) There's no way we can jump or climb down, especially you." Ren narrowed his eyes at the skinny girl in front of him. "No use ruining our voices screaming either."

"Couldn't we bang on the door? There must be someone passing by." Chou headed for the door again and started to hit it with her fists.

"No use. The teachers' office is on the second floor, and most of the students have left the building. There shouldn't be anyone in the classrooms up here. All the clubs are on the first and second floors and outside." Ren sat back down on his seat on the window's ledge. "We're just going to have to wait until security makes their rounds."

"Un. (okay)" Chou leaned back against the window Ren was sitting on. "So what class are you in, Ren-kun?"


"Hontou! (Really) Then we're in the same grade. I'm Aoi Chou from class 3-B. We haven't formally met, have we?" Chou looked up to where Ren sulked, looking out the window.

"I guess. Though it seems you already know my name." He glanced at the girl sitting on the ground. Chou looked away, turning slightly pink in the process. The only reason was that Yoru-chan had told her before, and it seemed that no matter what Chou did, he remained cross so she got curious.

"Well, I guess so." Chou finally spoke up. "You don't have any after school activities? Aren't your friends looking for you?"

"How about you then? Where are all your friends, Popular-san? Aren't you in any clubs? Or are you too busy kissing up to the sensei's?" Ren sneered.

"I don't have friends. Clubs are a waste of precious time." Chou whispered so that Ren leaned in to hear better, but he still didn't hear what she said.

"Never mind. I don't need to know. So you have any clue who would've locked us up in here?" Ren leaned back once more. Chou spun her head to face the cocky boy.

"What makes you think I would know?" Chou looked back at her feet. Ren let out a dry laugh.

"You aren't loved by the whole school, you know? Remember that sound you heard when we got here? It was probably someone locking the door. I haven't pissed anyone yet." Ren refused to look at the girl who was in shock...

"I guess I'll have to apologize tomorrow then."

...or so he thought.

"What the hell? Apologize? To them?" Ren sat up straight appalled. "Why would do you do such a thing! You should be the one receiving the apology!" Chou winced at the sudden yelling. "Are you a complete idiot?"

"I'm sorry, Souke-kun. I didn't mean to upset you so much." Chou went back to looking at her feet, coughing slightly.

"You're still apologizing!"


"STOP!" Silence followed the outburst. Ren looked back out the window, and Chou coughed a little more.

"What's wrong?" Ren finally looked at the coughing girl.

"Something in the air probably isn't agreeable with me. It'll go away in a bit so please don't worry about it." (not sarcastic in any way)

"We should really try to get out. I'm getting hungry." Ren stood up and made his way to the locked door.

"...u-un. (o-okay)" Chou let out a weak reply.

"Oi, are you okay?" Ren turned around to see Chou shivering with her arms wrapped around her.

"Y-yea. I'm just a l-little cold, that's a-all." Chou's teeth chattered a little but still managed to pull out a smile.

"That's fine, I guess." Seeing as the sun was setting, and all Chou wore was the school's uniform. For a girl is was a thin, gray and pink, sweater vest over a white, quarter length sleeve, collared shirt. It went along with a box pleated skirt which color matched the boys' khaki pants. The boy's uniform was much similar, except the pink in the sweater vest was a light blue.

Ren started pounding on the door, hoping a security man would pass by. The room that they were in hadn't been checked yet, so the man was still making his rounds. After giving the door one last good kick, he heard it. A muffled sound, like a stifled choke. He spun around to face Chou, who was still quivering, and watch as a water rolled down the side of her face. Sweat?

"Oh my god, Aoi-san!" Ren ran to where Chou dry heaved. Ren grabbed her shoulder to straighten her up when he felt her body temperature. It was falling, but she was now complained about the heat. Gasps and nasty coughs replaced the dry heaves, and soon her breathing became labored. Convulsions ran throughout her body and tears streamed down her face.

"We need to get you out of here. Now!" Ren ran at the door and tried to kick it down. It didn't fall, but it wasn't totally unsuccessful. The wood around the hinges were a bit splintered. Ren kicked it a few more times but to no avail. He backed up until he touched the window, across from the door, and rammed it with his shoulder. Along with the sound of the door falling, there was a sound of a dislocated shoulder. Ren swiftly and easily picked Chou up from the ground and ran. Through his back, he could feel the irregular pace of Chou's heart.

A/N: This is a drama...like korean or japanese drama. It's the drama Aiko and ONYX appeared in during my other story Eros no Noroi. I just decided to make it separate so that...well it's not in the way. Tenshi means angel. I really don't like this. Writing out the drama seems so wrong. There's going to be, i think, 7 chapters. Each chapter will be equivalent to an episode.