funny thing about this generation is
there's no difference between ugly and poignant
and by the way, darling, have you
cried yet this week? because you're not
supposed to, especially if something happened.

we are the era of stone. if tears are weakness
and emotion is overrated
then what is poetry for? well, i guess
it's for the girls like me -
girls who like to roll their eyes at
displays of feeling, and then run home to
scratch the eyes out of photographs and
write angsty poetry til their hands cramp up
and their eyes are pasted widewide open.

yeah, i'm one of them. one of those self-proclaimed poets. i
worship e. e. cummings and wish i could
be sylvia plath. i stick toothpicks into my lids
so i can have those tragic shadows under haunted eyes.

well, it's three in the morning so i suppose i've
served my time for the night and maybe i can
fall asleep now. or else i'll just read til ten a.m.
so that i have a few stories to share
if i make it out of here alive.