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Read Author's Note : This story contain lots of weird stuffs not suitable for most people, proceed with utmost caution

Just one of my random attempts to create a story that's both perverted while still remain plot-focused. Hope you guys would understand my craziness as I wrote this ^_^

While writing the chapters I felt like half-drunk with absurd ideas, serving this story isn't written with the views of common sense please don't let the rationality take you over.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the story. Feedbacks and suggestions are really welcome.


Here I gave some of the things I've fapped to on this month, estimated by percentages.

30% Futa/Dickgirls
20% Traps
20% Normal Porn
10% Yuri
5% Tentacles
5% Erotic Gore
4% Random Girls Taking A Bath
3% My Toilet Seat Cover
1% Potted Palm on My Neighbor's Place
1% That Crazy Woman who Likes To Laugh All Day at The Mental Hospital
0.5% Pickled Vegetables
0.3% Abstract Paintings
0.2% Stick Figures

So much from fooling around these days. But later I realized that every porn is getting even boring the more I watched them. Anyways, what turns me on the most is the weirdest ones out there, and it must be funny.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Arata Shiozaki, 20 years old. Because my first name is kinda lame, the guys gave me a nickname 'Eros' because of my perversion, well you've got the idea. Lately I got the title of 'Dr. Pervert' from my colleagues because of my 'dangerous level of perverted-ness' that I start to think about it in a pseudo-scientific way.

But to tell you the truth, I'm still a virgin basement dweller, because i don't have the courage to molest them heh heh...

My hobbies are pretty much the same as the fellow otaku fanboys, watching anime, reading some manga, playing Visual Novels, and indulge in the erotic pleasure of AV, Hentai, and Eroge.

I've gone into comiket once, doing a cosplay of Rikimaru, the perverted ninja featured in many visual novel series. And I've got all things thrown into me : Chairs, Microphones, Speakers, Wheelchairs, and even tampons and used condoms. It seems I did emit those disgusting aura.

That incident begins when I tried to grope a female cosplayer, it was an Idol Rika cosplay ftw! That Voice synth program featuring her is so helped me masturbate when things aren't going right. How to?

1. Open the Vokaliz Program, make sure you got a high speed private connection, then download the torrent of it. Disconnect the internet while applying the crack, then you're one step sucessful on pirating another product, well done!

2. If you don't have the feel of the pitch to produce moaning sounds, try to rip the sounds by placing a microphone on your speaker, start a visual novel game, turn the BGM and sound effects on, and play the voice where the female character keeps moaning over and over again. Record it.

3. Use a Wav to midi converter, you've successfully ripped the midi sequence, then copy-paste the section to the program.

4. Now all that''s left is just to adjust the syllabary, make the words like 'A' 'aa' 'hhh' 'aaa' 'aaa' 'ahhh'. Make it sound like 'Ahhh...ahh...ahnnn..'

5. Save the file, and convert it to .mp3, then use the media player, set it to 'repeat'

6. ?

7. PROFIT let's get back again, that incident happens when I tried to grope the cosplayer's breasts. She blow a high-pitched scream while holding a microphone, then I tried to restrain her, rubbing her panties over and over again...

Now I'm being chased by the angry fanboys, fangirls, and security guards to the gate. I miraculously escaped by hitch-hiking a truck. Against my will, it headed to a gay bar's warehouse where a muscular guy asks me to show off my 'secret katana'. I ran without thinking, judging by the current speed, I could participate in some athletic meets.

Phew. That's going to be my first and last con, sure I like to sexually harass the cosplayers, but I still want to live, you know!


I lived on an apartment complex, its neither luxurious nor derelict. It's the best place with good facilities and cheap price.

1 .High Speed Internet : 5 mb/s, locals and internationals, cable LAN.

2. The room size is about 108 square meters, it's currently one of the biggest rooms out there, located on the second floor of the five floors total.

3. Bathroom's pretty nice, a nice chromium-coated bathtub, elegant linoleum floors, a neatly-maintained shower box. And a toilet to dump your cum after fapping.

4. It got one master bedroom, one guest room, kitchen, dining and living room in one place. There's a 24'' LCD TV at the living room table, I rarely watched the TV programs but I sometimes use the DVD player located at the desk's middle cabinet.

5. The working desk, when I sat there, the window faced the left side of my body, there's my PC here. I call this the working desk but I mostly play games, listen to music, and browse the internet for some more fap material.

6. Bookshelves behind the working desk, contains some books I bought from the local bookstore at huge discount times.

7. The walls are sound-proofed quite a bit, so I could watch porn without worrying that the neighbors would hear.

The dwellers of this place were mostly families who were too lazy to bought a home for themselves and taking care of it. I think I may the only one here who lives alone in this apartment. Don't ask me how I did I got this place, and why am I not going to college right now.

To make long story short, I spend my childhood in an Orphanage. And they only fund my education until I graduated to high school, I'm supposed to study Biology in college because I liked it, but since I failed the 100% scholarship because I don't have any experience with organizations, and my test results were just above-average.

There was a guy who told me that he's my uncle, that my parents were originally a victim of war that happened 17 years ago. They send me to this orphanage to ensure my safety.

I inherited this place, which was meant to be a temporary shelter for them in this war. But they were killed and 'uncle' takes care of this place for so long until I turn out 18. Since I could somehow trust him, I've also got this job based on his recommendation, but it was after I talked a lot with him and it turned out that this old geezer was another perverted jerk.

The job turns out to be well in my favor, since that warehouse mainly deal with entertainment products, from non-adult to adult entertainment. From movies, TV series, cartoons, games, to porn. I've managed to get my hands on lots of them.

Hmm...this kind of living seems really wonderful, those 2 years flows pleasantly. But something doesn't feel quite right, it all goes too smoothly, I felt there would be danger that's been prowling about.

One day, it's an usual afternoon on my day-off. I grabbed the apple juice bottle, pouring it to the glass. Picking up the re-heated apple pie from the oven, I placed it to the dining table, taking a gulp of the apple juice, savoring the sweet rich flavor from it.

*Ding... ding*

Sounds of my door bell ringing, I wonder who could it be? My instincts told me not to open the door, or my peaceful life would soon be thrown out into chaos.

It's like deciding what to take, the red pill, or the blue pill.

Indifferent to my inner voice, I nonchalantly turned the door knob...