Best Friend and Saviour

Emily sat on the edge of her bed, feet dangling over the edge, not quite touching the floor. Sitting in her underwear, she stared at the slightly scratched canvas of her thighs. She could see the imperfections, so much less obvious these days, but still remembered in the darkest parts of her mind.

Emily reached over to her nightstand, and opened the middle drawer. Rummaging around, she eventually extracted a small black box, closed with a small golden clasp. It was nondescript in every way, possibly something a younger sibling had bought for a dollar and painted for her birthday.

Emily opened the lid slowly, and peered inside. She fished around, making metallic clinking noises, until she finally fished out the object she was looking for.

A small blade. It glinted in a menacing way in the dim light of the room. To Emily, it shone in a friendly way, welcoming almost.

She lowered the blade to her thigh, skimming over the soft skin as though looking for the best spot. She held it suspended over her mid-thigh, sucking in a deep breath, and preparing herself for what was to come.

Just then, her phone buzzed. Emily opened her eyes, and reached for it, the spell of tranquility broken.

"hey bestfriend, I didnt get to see u 2day, we need to hang out soon!"

The text was nothing special. To anyone else, it wouldn't be a big deal. It would just be another message from a friend, something to answer but not to ponder, and certainly not to remember.

To Emily, it was much more.

How, she wondered, had he known? How had he realized at that exact moment that all she needed was a friend?

But he always did,

The thing was, he didn't even know. She had never told him she cut, and she took great lengths to hide it. But he could always tell when she was upset. And he could always make her feel better.

He was her shoulder to cry on, her brick wall to lean on. He made her happy, and he made her laugh, even in her darkest moments. He was her best friend. He was her go-to guy. He was her world.

But mostly, he was her saviour.

She put the blade back in the box, and tucked it away.

Not today.