Two Weird Girls Who are Weird

Girl 1: Hi!

Girl 2:Hi!

Girl 1: How are you?

Girl 2: Good! How are you?

Girl 1: Good! How are you?

Girl 2: You already said that.

Girl 1: Said what?

Girl 2: How are you.

Girl 1: Good!

Girl 2: No!

Girl 1: What do you mean, no? I am good!

Girl 2: I know that, but what I'm saying, is that you already asked me how are you.

Girl 1: You're mean, Girl Number 2!

Girl 2: What do you mean I'm mean? And no! My name isn't Girl Number 2, it's Jo!

Girl 1: Just because I already asked you, doesn't mean I can't ask you again, and you can't just screech no at someone, even if they murdered your great-great-great-great-great-great grandma! And the reason why I called you Girl Number 2 is because it says it right here on this paper!

Girl 2: [throws paper into the ocean, a swimming bunny chokes on it and goes underwater] Well, you're the one who's being mean by screaming at me! [both girls run off, then run back to each other, sobbing]

Girl 1 and Girl 2 (at same time): I'm sorry!

The End