I was broken, eclipsed by my own darkness.

Every time I closed my eyes, I saw a stranger without a face.

Someone was speaking to me, asking me to hold on,

Telling me the night would soon be over, and I would find dawn.

While my world was screaming, amidst all the noise,

My ears could only pick up the sound of a gentle soothing voice.

When I was afraid, when I thought I was all alone,

Something whispered in my mind, telling me I'm not on my own.

And I knew that I had to hold on,

Not for me, but for you.

I knew the present would be over,

I had a future to get to.

And the painful days only got longer,

But I kept my faith, I grew stronger.

Everyone told me I was hallucinating about

The sound of our laughter.

Everyone told me I was being delusional-

There's no happily every after.

But I just grinded my teeth,

And kept standing on my feet.

A thousand storms came and pushed me to the ground.

But I could stand back up every time I heard that sound….

The sound of your footsteps

As you were walking into my life.

You don't even have an idea

How you've always kept me alive.

Every time I'd cut myself I'd be afraid to die,

Cause I knew I'd find my world someday in your eye.

Everyone said I was mad,

That I had got it bad.

They wanted me to see the shrinks,

But I never let my faith in you sink.

I always knew you were real and you were there.

They could call me crazy all they wanted, I wasn't scared.

And suddenly one day the tunnel ended in something bright.

I was blinded, I was blinking, I had finally reached the light.

I shed my darkness like it was dried skin.

I knew the night was over and day was to begin.

And now that it's morning,

I don't know what to say, I don't know what to sing.

I've never felt happiness like this before, you see.

Baby you mean the world to me.

I was in so much pain

And suddenly I'm happy again.

It still feels so surreal that it's difficult to find

Words for me to describe the happiness in my mind.

You don't just make me happy, you make strong.

You make me forget how things have always gone wrong.

You make me believe this time fate will have mercy.

Baby you mean the world to me.

You've fixed me so quickly,

It's like I was never even broken!

You've paid so much attention to me,

To every word I have spoken!

I'm not used to someone so amazing.

You drenched my soul while it was blazing.

And now I'm feeling so peaceful,

So complete, so blessed, so full.

There's no future without you now, you see.

Baby you mean the world to me.