I'm warning you, this will be super-cheesy.

For me writing something happy is so not easy!

Now that my disclaimer is done, well, peace.

Now I need to figure out a way- how do I tell you this?

How do I tell you what you mean to me?

It'd be so much easier if you were here and could see

The silly grin that's on my face every time you

Say something dorky, or with the silly things you do.

You know I never let anyone read my poetry,

Except you, so can you guess what you mean to me?

Only a few people know all my secrets and

You're one of them so now can you understand

How much you mean to me- say yes please!

Ugh how do I tell you this?

You're a refreshing breeze in my stormy life,

The brightest star in the dark sky.

A lovely flower in a thorny bush?

The only truth in a thousand lie.

(Dork I see my world in your eye).

You're the gentlest beam of the moon.

The brightest ray of the sun.

The sweetest drop of the first rain.

The only friend who's always fun.

(Wait, my sappiness has only begun :P)

You make me feel like I don't have any scars.

You make me wanna sit through geeky Star Wars.

And do you have to distract me every time I try

To study random variables? I blush with my eyes.

My best friend has just shaken her head and sighed.

She's given up on me, after how hard she tried.

Everyone knows there's no talking me out now.

But how do I tell you this somehow?

You're more special than everyone.

You're like midnight blue with a touch of gold and neon.

Yes, I'm just picking random words and rhyming them.

And I grinned at random again, you're the one to blame :P

I've never poured my heart out like this in years.

I've never had the strength to wipe my tears.

I've never had the courage to face my fears.

But I did it all in a second when you got here.

You just broke straight through all my walls.

Took me years to build them, but you made me fall

So damn easily, sometimes it really scares me-

This thing we have, the way I feel, this crazy intensity.

I'm always scared that I'm not good enough.

I always try to act like a bitch, like I'm tough.

But inside I'm always thinking how I don't deserve

Someone so amazing like you, my insecurity reverbs.

I know I pick a fight all the time and make your head hurt,

But that's cause I'm always scared fate will tear us apart.

You know I don't trust my fate at all.

I love you so much, all my fears crawl

Right underneath my skin.

And all my crazy thoughts begin.

Yeah baby I know you won't leave me but

I can't help it, the devil's workshops in my mind start.

It only lasts a few hours though.

And with every phase, my love only grows.

I learn more, I learn to let it show.

But how do I tell you this so that you know?

Know that I've never said these to anyone.

So yay, congrats this time you have won.

But don't you DARE think I'm EVER gonna do this again.

Thank you very much, but I'll stick to my angst and pain :P

A/N: yes, it makes me cringe too. I feel for you :P