He saw the tiny white puppy in the rain

Whimpering at strangers as they past

But the people ignored the little one's pain

As if it wouldn't last

He'd often been called cold

And often he agreed

Didn't care what he was told

Didn't care what they may see

But something about this pup

Made him stop and stare

And then when it looked up

He felt the sudden need to care

The little thing wagged its tail

And whimered sadly loud and clear

It was so skinny and so frail

As if in moments it would disappear

He tried to ignore its big sad eyes

To ignore its little black paws

But then he heard its pleading cries

And turned to see what was the cause

A man had lifted it by its scruff

And shook it while he screamed

The boy decided that was enough

And began to cross the street

"Stop that!" he yelled at the man

Who turned and gave a sneer

"Take your pup, you useless trash.

And don't come back, you hear?"

He threw the pup on the ground

And turned and stomped away

The boy didn't make a sound

Just watched him walk into the gray

He understood what this puppy felt

He knew the pain of blows

So down on the sidewalk he knelt

Because this puppy was who he chose

"My name is Isaac, your just like me.

We live our lives in misery."

The puppy jumped into his arms

It curled up in his chest

Because it knew it was out of harm

And finally could rest

As they walked, it gently licked his hand

Isaac looked at it with a loving gaze

They continued on in the rain

Two scruffy looking strays