Author's Comments: Yep, I said I was going to rewrite it this summer. So I am. Not going to change the plot that much. It's not the most interesting but a quick read. I'm assuming I'll get 3000+ words on this story by the end. I cut out a lot of useless things from the old one so it lost some of the word count.

I really wasn't prepared for this.

I didn't think that I'd lose my only sanctuary so quickly.

"You can't live here forever, Kaitlin," Kevin said while coming in through the door holding some groceries. I snuck a peek – Vegetables, assorted meat and instant rice.

"…Are you going to kick me out?" I sheepishly asked. Inside, I was shocked and nervous that my toes curled and my worries came back. He nodded while averting my gaze. "Really? But I have nothing!" I responded, trying not to yell or let my tears fall. "I thought you u-understood! I'm practically a hobo."

"Sorry, but well…" He drifted off, trying to form his words as he sat down beside me on the couch. "Jenna really wants to move in with me. It's like, the stage of our 'relationship' to live together. Those are her words, by the way. We're going to split the rent and…"

"So?" was all I asked.

"I want you find another place to live from now on."

I was awfully confused. Why couldn't he let me stay? Would I be in the way of their relationship? It's not like I would barge in on their making out or anything. I respect them and they could really work out romantically.

"You're a girl. I love you as a friend but we are different genders and you should live with someone else who doesn't have this. A relationship on the line. I want to marry Jenna one day and I'm really scared that the littlest things could traumatize it."

I nodded slowly, absorbing his speech. "I understand," I said, yet I don't think I did at the time, but I had to respect his wishes. After all, I was crashing at his place for free – eating his food, stealing his couch as my bed every night, using his electricity as well as his computer at times. I mean, I've paid him back sometimes, in chores and labor but I had never gave him money, since I have no job.

"Thanks," I simply said, "for everything you've done for me. I owe you so much, Kevin. I'll start packing now if you don't mind."

"Thanks for understanding," he replied and I saw a glimmer of guilt in his eyes. We both didn't want this to happen but he had priorities. He had something I did not have: Responsibility and self-control.

"Can I borrow your laptop for a couple of days? I just need a way to communicate with others." I pleaded, getting my butt off the couch. He only nodded and went to go cook dinner for us.

I grabbed his spare laptop which was in his closet and blew the dust off of it. I plugged in the electricity cord and booted it up.

Facebook was the first place to go for finding people. I quickly posted a status asking for a place to stay for a while. I also added that I could do housework chores and help with making simple food.

The doorbell rang and I nearly jumped in my seat. Apparently, my other friends Emily and Jacky were coming over for a going away party. I huffed as I still didn't get any response from anyone on Facebook. It was time to ask specific people. But only after I hang out with my old high school friends.

The heavy mood in the apartment entirely flipped over when Emily arrived first. She was panting heavily with her messy brown hair flying everywhere.

"What happened, Em?!" I rushed over to her and brushed some leaves off of her.

"I was jogging… and then…THIS guy," the girl pointed at Kevin angrily, "Called me and I was right besode..." She increased the intensity of her glare, "The STUPID BRIDGE!"

Jackie took off his loafers with a slight smirk on his face. He murmured, "I can tell what's going to happen already."

"My… Friggin' cell fell into… the lake so… I had to…" she slowly said with anger.

Once she finished her story, we all sat outside on the balcony, drank hot chocolate while watching the stars. We played some Big Two when we got bored and eventually all of us fell asleep on the big blanket engulfing us.

I wished that everyday could be like this.