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Chapter 18

The next morning, his mother is still not back. Despite himself, Chase is worried, and he calls Stan's number. The phone rings a number of times before somebody picks up. He recognizes, instantly, Stan's slurred speech, and his heart sinks. It is as he had suspected. His mother couldn't change afterall.

"What?" Stan slurs into the phone and Chase adopts his, I'm Better Then You, tone, the one he always uses with Stan, who seems to think that he was the better of the two.

"I was just looking for my mom." Silently he adds, tell her her son says, Fuck You.

But Stan snorts a laugh and says, "I ain't seen that bitch since she dumped me yesterday."

Chase almost choked on the words. He shifted the phone to his other ear, pressing it tightly against his head. Was he hearing correctly? The world around him was suddenly filled with so many colors that he had to close his eyes to stop them from blinding him.

"She dumped you?" he repeated.

"Don't need to rub it in you little shit." Stan snarled, and then there was a click as he hung up the phone.

Chase hung up and silently sat down on the sofa. His mother had broken up with Stan. She was serious. She was really going to change.

He hears something then, and it sounds like Nicky, so he goes up to her room and is shocked to find her sitting up her bed, crying.

"Nicky, what's wrong?" he asks, rushing over and lifting her up into his arms, pressing her tightly into his chest when she only cries harder.

"Shh," he said comfortingly, "It's alright. Did you have a bad dream?"

Nicky sniffled and nodded, and when she looked up at him with her doe eyes, he wiped away the tears.

"What was it about?" he asked her gently, and to his surprise, she squeezed him as tightly as she could with her tiny little fingers.

"You and Shane were in danger." she answered simply, and he kissed her head softly before reassuring her, "It was just a dream Nicky. I'm okay. And Shane..." There he had to stop, because he didn't know about Shane. Right now, Shane could be hurt. But he couldn't believe that. Shane was tough.

He carried her down the stairs, wondering if that was all it was though. What if his little sister had some weird power to see into the future? What if God was trying to tell her somthing?

He brushed the thoughts away, making Nicky a bowl of cereal.

Things would work out.

He'd make sure of it.


"Well, look who it is." A voice said, and Shane looked over, his rage rising in a matter of seconds. Right now it was what he referred to as, "Recess," when all the inmates got to go outside and get some excersise. He'd been sitting by himself on a bench, staring out at the town below him through the fence. The others were giving him wide space for now, awed by his escape. But he knew it wouldn't last. Eventually, they'd want to know how he did it. And they could tell he was different, changed in someway. They'd want to see if he was still tough.

Now, a voice he knew was speaking, and he was up in seconds, grabbing Parker by the shirt and slamming him into the fence. Parker smirked at his reaction and said, "So hows the lovely little Mr. Wild doing? Oh thats right, you wouldn't know, would you?"

"Don't you dare talk about him." Shane hissed, and he could hear whistles blowing, and guards shouting at him. Neither man payed them any mind, eyes locked on each other.

"I wonder how good Chase will look when I get out in seven years." Parker continued, and Shane's blood ran cold. Parker was going to get out of here, and he wasn't. Parker saw the remark hit home, and he laughed.

Shane was able to punch him in the face twice before the guards pulled him off.


The doorbell rang while Nicky was watching TV, and Chase was on the computer, Googling as much information as he could on Bill Hernandez. So far, nothing that would help Shane.

Nicky rose to answer it, but Chase motioned her back down, wary. He looked through the peephole, and was surprised to see Mr. Marks, who he hadn't seen since his time at the hospital. He remembered suddenly that he had planned to go to school today, but had completely forgotten until now.

"Hey, Mr. Marks." he said to the older teacher, moving aside to let him in. "Would you like something to eat, or drink?"

"Water will be fine." Mr. Marks said, sitting down in a kitchen chair. Chase got the water and sat across from him. Nicky came pattering in and took a spot on Chase's lap, making animal noises as she played with her toys, hearing words that none of them could.

"Why are you here?" Chase asked, trying to sound polite, but probably sounding more suspicous.

"Well, I just wanted to check up on you. I mean, attempted rape, and kidnapping, all in a few days time. You must be exhausted." the older man said with a smile. Chase shrugged and sipped from his own glass of water.


"When will you be returning to school?"

Chase rolled his eyes. "Jeesh, give a guy a break."

Mr. Marks chuckled good naturedly. "Education always comes first."

Sitting at the table like this, chatting with Mr. Marks, reminded Chase of the days when his father was around, and they'd sit together here, talking about all kinds of stuff that at the time, seemed stupid and useless, but now seemed wise beyond all years. Of course, there was the talk about girls, which made Chase smile now, since he'd turned out gay.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Mr. Marks asked, thinking Chase's silence was one where he was dwelling in his suffering, when it was actually quite the opposite. Chase shook his head with a smile. The old fart bag was never gonna get off his back about talking to him.

"I'm tougher then you think, Mr. Marks." he said and the teacher smiled knowingly, face full of knowledge and wisdom.

"Oh, I'm sure you are, Mr. Wild. Much smarter then I first gave you credit for when I first met you, running through the halls screaming your lungs out."

Chase hid his blush with a smirk.

"And you're just as nosy as I figured."

They talked for almost an hour after that, and by the time Mr. Marks left, Chase decided meeting the old bag hadn't been such a negative. Especially since he'd saved him from Coach Parker.


Shane spent the whole day thinking of an escape. The first time, he'd been unbelievably lucky. They'd been transporting some prisoners and, in a moment of foolishness, left one single gate open, and he'd slipped through, and gone. What were the odds of that happening again, especially since now they were being double careful?

Suddenly, a guard was at his cell.

"You've got a call."

Shane followed the man, confused. Who could possibly be calling him? He hoped it wasn't Chase. It would be so hard to hear his voice, and know that they weren't together. But, all the same, he hoped it was, because it would be good to hear his voice, and know that he was safe.

But it wasn't Chase. It was Hank.

"Hank?" Shane said once his friend had spoken. "Why are you calling?"

"Because buddy, I'm busting you out of there."


The front door opens so suddenly that Chase jumps up, ready to swing, thinking somebody must surely have broken into the house. But then he sees his mother entering the doorway, so he just stands there awkwardly, not sure what to do. Should he hug her? Tell her how proud he was of her?

He was saved from making the decision by something he'd never in a million years expected.

Behind his mother is a man, smiling at Chase, a smile that to his mother he is sure looks warm and welcoming, but to him, reminds him of Coach Parker, cold and unfeeling.

I know. Chase almost says.

"Hi, you're Chase Wild aren't you? I've been hearing all about you on the news. My name, is Bill Hernandez."

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