Coffee Shop Waltz

Sitting in the coffee shop, Amy sips a mocha and watches the screen of her laptop intently. Through her headphones a faint stream of music can be heard. Customers breeze past her, occasionally noticing her swaying slightly to whatever she is hearing, or a faint smile ghosting across her lips.

On the screen of the computer, a movie scene is flashing by. A girl with curly hair is dancing across a bridge, fumbling her steps and taking out her frustration on the railing. Amy giggles quietly at the fit being thrown by the girl.

Amy is so engrossed in her movie that she doesn't see who is coming in and out of the shop. Her eyes are glued to the screen, wide with fascination.

In the midst of her trance, a tall boy walks through the swinging door. He looks around, and sees Amy sitting in a squishy orange armchair, headphones in, oblivious to the world around her. Obviously recognizing her, he walks towards her, and peers over her shoulder to look at the screen, where the same girl is now being dragged by the hand up onto a stage by a tall, muscular man.

"Dirty Dancing again Aimes? What's the big deal with it anyway?" he teases her.

"Nick!" Amy cries, whipping around to hug him, headphones being yanked out of her ears.

"Hey to you too," Nick replies. "But really, what's the big deal with this movie? Why do you like it so much anyway?"

"It's romantic! They start off hating each other, but are pushed together by circumstance, and then they fall in love. Then, her dad forbids them to see each other, but he comes back for her anyway!" Amy declares. "It's a love story, but with a hot lead, and lots of dancing" she adds with a smile.

"Anyone can dance." scoffs Nick, rolling his eyes at Amy.

"Not like that. It's just gorgeous, it's art. I wish I could dance like that…"

"Well, come on then." Without another word, Nick grabs Amy's hand, and pulls her up. He reaches over, and turns up the volume on the computer. Soft strings of music float out.

"Now I've had the time of my life…"

Nick grabs Amy by the waist and starts leading her around the shop. He sings along with the music, and twirls her around. The whole shop stops to stare at them, transfixed by their gracefulness.

Amy giggles, barely containing her embarrassment and happiness. Nick was her best friend, but he could be so weird sometimes!

At the end of the song, Nick dips Amy backwards, holding her up inches above the floor.

"See," he says, indicating all the people gawking at them, "Anyone can dance and have the entire audience watch."

Amy blushes a deep red, struggling to upright herself.

"It just depends on who's leading…"