A/N: This is one of my stories I did for my English class. Enjoy....


The mouse lifted his head from his desk. He noticed that everyone was staring at him.
"Joe, would you please tell me the capitol of Catifornia?" asked Mrs. Reason Mouse.
"Sacramento?" asked Joe hopefully.
Everyone laughed. It was most definitely the wrong answer.
"Would you stay after class today, Joe?" demanded the teacher.

As the class filtered through the classroom door, Joe stayed behind. He looked down at his desk. Joe looked at the cut out name of someone by the name of Simon. With his finger, he followed the jagged S. He usually did that while the teacher talked to the class. Or he looked out the window. He always wished that he was outside playing. He imagined himself under the big oak tree outside the window, running and jumping. But with this imagination, came D's and F's. Joe didn't care though, he just wanted the bell to ring.
"Joe? Can you come up to the front of my desk please?" asked Reason.
"Yesss…." said Joe dully. He slowly got to his paws and trudged along the rows of desks to the front. He lifted up his head and looked into Reason's eyes. They looked into his with concern.
"You didn't listen in class at all today," said Reason. "Why?"
"I just drifted off, I guess," Joe said looking down at his paws.
"Well you didn't hear anything about the divide between Catifornia and Mousevent."
"-I wish I was outside-" thought Joe.
"And that cats are very dangerous creatures-"
"-I wish I could be home right now-"
"Will you please listen for now on? Your education is very important, and I don't want to see you get hurt!" said Mrs. Reason Mouse.
"I will, I will," said Joe.
"Well, good, because I want you to catch up on the lesson today in class. All you have to do is read the third chapter in your text book, Mouse Lessons Book 1, and write a paragraph about what you learned. Will you remember that?" asked the teacher.
"-I wish I was outside-" thought Joe. "Uh, yes, Mrs. Reason Mouse."

Joe kicked a rock that was in front of his paws. As he walked down the dirt road, he forgot even that he was called to the front of Mrs. Reason's desk. It didn't matter, he was going to become a field mouse anyway.
Joe watched the little rock tumble towards it's resting place where it would probably be kicked by Joe again on the way to school the next day. When the rock came to a halt, Joe noticed a tiny, black ant walking towards a dip in the sand in front of it. The ant walked on to the crevice in the sand and, suddenly, eight legs came out of the sand and captured the poor animal. Joe watched in amazement as the ant was pulled down by the spider into the sand. The ant didn't even know what was happening to him.
As he got to his hole in the ground he called home, his mother came out to greet him. Joe saw his mother wiping her paws on the apron she always wore. It was one that he bought with his own money. It took Joe forever to get enough money from the jobs he did after school to pay for the apron. When he gave it to her, she wasn't that enthusiastic about it. She said that it should have been spent on the bills and such, but she thanked Joe anyway.
"Why are you late? Did you have to talk to the teacher again?" asked his mother.
"Yes, I was doing so well in class today, she gave me an A+ for the day," said Joe Mouse.
"Oh stop the jokes," said his mother, "I told you that if you don't listen in class you'll become a nobody!"
"I know, I know…" said Joe. "And then I will be a nobody and die a nobody, I know how you end the story."
"Well, it's true."
"Ya, ok…" said Joe. "You know, I think I'll go on a walk."
"Ok, but be back for dinner, it's radishes tonight."
"Just like it is every night," said Joe Mouse under his breath.
Joe Mouse then walked towards the path that led to the woods. He could find many roots to different towns in these woods and he knew them well.
As Joe walked, he remembered the trap door spider that tricked the ant. He didn't even know that trap door spiders lived around there. It didn't make much sense, but the spider was still there.
He walked for almost three hours, debating about the spider when he realized that he didn't know any of the towns the signs wrote any more.
"I think I better go into the next town," said Joe, talking to himself. "To get some directions."
Finally, after a few more miles, a sign popped into view. It read: Cat Whiskers, 2 miles.
"I think I'll get directions from there," said Joe, "It's not that far."
It only took the mouse fifteen minutes to walk the two miles to Cat Whiskers. When Joe saw the sign: Welcome to Cat Whiskers! He found that he was surrounded by cats. There didn't seem to be any other animals there except cats. Joe walked past the many cats on his way towards the center of town. For some, strange reason, all the cats he passed stopped and looked an pointed at him. Some cats were even laughing.
"I wonder what's the matter with them…" asked Joe Mouse, "I hope it's not my they're laughing at!"
When the mouse got to the center of town, he noticed that all the cats were starring at him.
"What is the matter?" Joe asked a near by Ally cat.
"Why nothing, of course!" cried the Ally, winking at his buddies. "Why everyone is just so happy to see a visitor this time of year. By the way, my name's Lion. Lion Cat." Lion put his skinny, yellow and white paw around the mouse's back. "Did you know that Cat Whiskers never gets visitors when winter comes along?" said Lion Cat, walking with Joe toward a restaurant.
"We need some menus, Sam," said Lion as they entered the restaurant.
"Yes, sir," said the waiter and walked away.
Lion pulled up a chair for Joe Mouse. "So, where do you come from?" asked Lion.
"I'm from Tailburrow," said Joe.
When the waiter came back, he gave the Ally cat and the mouse the menu.
"Now, what are the appetizers?" asked Lion Cat.
"We have breadsticks today," said the waiter.
Thinking of missing that radish dinner an hour or two ago, Joe said, "And the main course?"
"That would be," said the waiter smirking, "the delicious mouse, sir."