A gray tabby sat on a fence as the wind ruffled his fur. He stared at the farmlands, the crops enveloped in mist. He opened his mouth to taste the air. It was fresh and sweet here, not like his old home. He could start a new life here.

When he was a kitten, he lived in the city with a family of humans in a rough part of town. He was one of ten kittens, and his mother called him Luka. The humans didn't call him anything but "pest" followed by lots of screaming. Sometimes they kicked at him or closed his tail in a doorway on purpose if they were angry at him.

There was never enough food for all of them because the humans refused to pay for more than enough cat food for one cat, when there were now ten kittens as well. He guessed that one day the humans got tired of even paying for that, because they were all boxed up, mother included, and driven a little ways from the house.

Luka felt motion sick in the monster that the humans called a "car". He felt even sicker when they stopped. He could see nothing in the darkness of the cardboard box, but he could hear the sound of running water that sent shivers down his spine.

Then, there was a horrible moment of confusion and fear as the box was tipped over. Luka felt himself falling through thin air until he hit the freezing, murky water below. He struggled to fight back to the surface, then looked around. He caught a glimpse of his mother pulling two kittens to the shore before the current pulled him back under. When he came up again, he had lost sight of his mother and every one of his siblings.

He was totally alone, soaking wet and fighting to stay alive. He mewled pitifully but he couldn't be heard over the rushing of the river. Ahead he could see a concrete tunnel that the river flowed through, and eventually he was washed into it.

Here, the water was shallower, and he could even stand in it with his head above the surface if he stretched. He gulped in air greedily, the sound of his panting echoing off the walls of the tunnel. When he heard a rumbling overhead and the whole structure shook, he realized he was under one of the paths humans drove their cars on.

A squeak came from somewhere in the darkness and he echoed it with his own squeak of fear. Tiny feet skittered about in the tunnel, and Luka fled from the tunnel onto the bank of the river, trembling with wet and cold. His family was nowhere to be seen. He hoped his mother had been able to rescue all the other kittens, but with so many of them to keep up with... He began to wail as he thought about it, and set off to look for his family.