Chapter 1: The Couple

Across the old-fashioned diner completed with red booth seats and silver tables crammed in the middle, sat a couple with their eyes glued to each other fondly. Their affection was clearly shown from anyone passing by and most would say they were adorable.

Their impromptu date made the girl anxious and a little worried because her boyfriend wasn't acting normally. He was jittery and quiet, looking a bit nervous. Was he about to break up with her? She thought they were close as ever and felt their blossoming likeness grow more and more since they've been together for six months.

They met by accident at a small cafe, grabbing his coffee instead of hers in a rush to get to class, but he stopped her before she could leave with her cup in his hand.

"Are you sure that's your coffee, Luke?" He asked amusingly.

She raised both her eyebrows. "Huh?"

He gestured to the coffee in her hands and she looked down at the name scrawled across the paper cup. It read Luke and she glanced back at him with an embarrassing, but apologetic look.

"Oops, sorry, you must be Luke.'" She replied, extending his coffee to him.

Luke studied her with a small smile and took his coffee before sliding hers in the same hand. She blushed slightly, noticing how gorgeous he was and muttered another apology under her breath. She turned back around to leave without humiliating herself furthermore, but Luke stopped her again.

"Hey, Carly."

Carly flushed at the sound of her name at his lips, turning around slowly to face him. She took a wild guess at how he knew when he took her coffee also with her name on it.


Luke took a step towards her, keeping a good distance between them that didn't appear too forward or creepy. "How about we meet each other tomorrow around the same time? Who knows, maybe you'll take my coffee by accident again."

Carly felt her cheeks burn and chuckled softly at the latter. "Sure, Luke that sounds nice."

"Ok, great, see you tomorrow." Luke grinned, a dimple emerging which made her almost swoon.

"Y-Yeah," Carly replied, about to rendered speechless. "See you."

She left before he could witness more of spluttering and once she got into her car safely, she let out a calm breath. If this boy could do this to her in one short minute, she couldn't imagine what he could do next. She eagerly awaited their meeting the next day and from then on, they saw each other every morning at the same cafe with the same coffee. Their likeness for each other grew and before she knew it, he was asking her to be his girlfriend.

Carly was over the moon with sheer happiness and they've spent every waking moment together. Now that they were in the diner from Luke's strong request to be there, her apprehension was killing her.

Luke hadn't said a word yet, even when their food finally came out, and he didn't make a move to touch it, neither did Carly. His fidgeting and uneasiness showed, but once he turned to her suddenly in his seat and grabbed her hands in his, his cerulean blue eyes sparked confidence.

"Baby," Luke said as he sidled up closer to her, staring into her light blue eyes gravely. "I have something to tell you."

"What is it, Luke?" Carly asked warily, sensing the seriousness in his tone.

Luke smiled to reassure her that it was nothing severe, but it was still important. His shaky hands weren't doing anything to assuage her concern, but he tried to keep them still. This was it, the moment he's been waiting for all week.

"These past six months with you has been the best time of my life and I just wanted to say that-" He stopped himself, swallowing at his dry throat. "I want to say that I-."

Luke stared into her eyes, breathing deeply. "I love you."

"Oh Luke," She replied, tears spiking up instantly as she gripped his hands. "I love you too."

"Really?" Luke said happily, beaming with joy.

Carly nodded frantically and he held her face gently, brushing their lips together in a sweet kiss. She threw her arms around him and closed the distance between. Luke was so happy that he could barely contain himself as he threaded his fingers through her long blonde hair and deepened the kiss with his girlfriend. He loved her so much and was ecstatic to hear that she felt the same way. This was the happiest moment of his life.

A loud belch startled the couple and they both broke apart to look across the table at the noise. Miranda Miller stared at them with an irritated look on her face and a half eaten burger in her hands, ketchup smeared on her lower lip.

"Can you not do that?" Miranda asked, scrunching her nose in disgust. "I'm about to throw up."

Reluctantly, Carly pulled away from her boyfriend and went back to her dish in front of her, a small frown at her lips. Luke glared at Miranda, balling up his fists in his lap for ruining their moment. Carly sensed his anger and patted his thigh with sympathy.

He sighed and went back to his plate, glaring down the girl at the same time. Miranda Miller, or better yet known as Carly's best friend since high school. He hated her so much that most of the times he fantasized about pushing her off a cliff or sending her to Mexico to be shot by drug lords, either way seemed good to him. At least he wouldn't have to see her face anymore.

It's not that he hated her from the beginning. No, it was quite the opposite from that. He was actually excited to meet her because his girlfriend consistently ranted about how "wonderful" and "great" she was. Luke wanted to make a good impression and for him, it wasn't hard to get people to like him. Everyone who has befriended Luke was instant friends. People naturally gravitated towards him. It was just the way it was except not for Miranda Miller.

The first time they met six months ago at a small get together, Luke was being nice as usual and introduced himself to her since she was making no effort. What he expected to be a nice introduction in return, didn't happen in the least. She glared at him with all the hatred inside her soul-less body and jabbed an intimidating finger in his face.

"I don't like you and if you hurt my best friend, I will not hesitate to rip your manhood into shreds." She threatened, staring him up and down in disgust.

Luke would be lying if he said he wasn't scared. Miranda was an uncontrollable wildebeest who didn't know the difference between right and wrong when she unmistakably walked in on him and Carly in her bedroom in a heated make-out session to ask her how to cook vegetables properly and then ruin their dates with a simple phone call, saying she wanted some company at their apartment.

After their first meeting, she continued to ridicule him and shoot dirty looks every now and then. Luke didn't know what he did wrong and he tried to win her over by getting her favorite foods or sucking up to her, but he was out of luck. Miranda just hated him, plain and simple. There was no way in changing her mind about it.

When Luke told Carly about the dilemma, she just waved it off and said Miranda was overly protective of her. She also added that Miranda would soon warm up to him because she was like that with everyone.

Well, six months have passed and Miranda Miller still hated him. She even told him right before they went out to dinner early. Carly suggested they bring Miranda along because she didn't like it when her best friend was all alone in their apartment. Luke could care less, but he followed along with what Carly said because she was the only one that mattered most.

The only downside to their relationship was that Miranda was invited every time they went out. Luke and Carly rarely shared any alone time together and when they did, it was short lived because Miranda would come bustling in with her terrible manners. As much as he hated her, Luke still tried to be nice to her, but it did nothing.

"Alright, I'm done." Miranda announced, taking the last sips of her soda and burping noisily again. Carly wrinkled her nose and Luke scowled at her manners. "Let's go."

She got out of the booth and walked out of the restaurant, not bothering to wait for the couple. Carly was about to get up, but Luke pushed her back down gently. She looked at him with confused eyes.

"Let her leave, we finally have some time alone." Luke said, grabbing her hand.

She frowned, craning her neck at the exit door of the restaurant to see her retreating back. "But she's with us."

"I know, but Miranda is a big girl. She can take care of herself."

"Luke, she came with us to the restaurant. We have to leave with her." Carly explained, rising up once more.

Luke did nothing to stop her as he scowled to himself. "Fine, whatever." He replied, getting up and walking away.

"Hey," Carly called out to him, walking quickly to catch up to him. She grabbed his shoulder and he turned to face her, seeing her sad expression. "Don't be mad."

He sighed, hating that he made her upset. "I'm not... I just wish you would let us be alone together for five minutes. That's all I'm asking."

"But you said that bringing Miranda along wasn't a big deal." Carly trailed off softly, pouting.

"Well, I lied." Luke revealed in one quick hard sentence, sensing her disappointment. "She bothers me a lot."

"But-" Carly started, quickly stopping before frowning. "She's my best friend."

"I know believe me I do, it's just hard to get a long with her. She hates me."

"No, she doesn't." She denied almost immediately.

"Yes she does." Luke stated firmly, with a hard edge at his tone.

"Luke, I don't like what you're saying right now." Carly said sadly.

Luke sighed heavily. "Carly, I love you but I just can't stand her."

Carly frowned, turning her face away from him. "Why did you lie?"

"To make you happy."

She scowled faintly. "Don't, that makes it worse."

Luke sighed, seeing how unhappy he was making Carly. He hated to see her this way. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to like my best friend." Carly pointed out clearly.

"I can't!" He exclaimed, with the only argument he could provide.

"Well, try!" Carly shouted back with equal fervor.

"What part do you not understand when I say she hates me? I do everything in my power to change that, but it doesn't happen!"

"Luke, I don't think you understand." She said, facing him gravely. "Miranda is like a sister to me and when my sister and boyfriend aren't getting along, it doesn't make me happy."

He sighed heavily, raking a hand through his blond hair. "I tried, but she seems determined to hate me forever."

She shook her head, unbelieving. "Miranda is nice to everyone. I think you did something to make her hate you."

He gaped, knowing his intentions were to never make her hate him. "I've done nothing!"

"Well, then why don't you fix it?"

"Because I don't want to!" He exclaimed unconsciously, his arms flailing out.

A second later, he realized what he just said once it escaped from his mouth and his eyes widened. The cold look from his girlfriend's face registered it too.

Carly glared at him. "So, that's how you really feel, don't you?"

He tried to grab her arm, but she pushed him away. "Carly, I didn't mean-"

"Save it, I'm leaving." She turned to walk away and Luke tried to catch up to her.

"Carly, wait!"

She exited out of the diner's doors and Luke groaned sadly, slapping a hand to his forehead. What had he just done? He didn't mean for the night to end up like this. He hated fighting with Carly and they never left each other staying mad. This was their first real fight and it all stemmed down to one person, Miranda.

"Hello, Luke." A disgustingly, pleasing voice said from behind.

Luke whirled around and saw the devil herself, Miranda, with a satisfied smirk on her face. "Enjoy your dinner?"

"No," Luke replied angrily, scowling at her. "It was ruined thanks to you."

"My pleasure," She said with her smirk still planted.

He sneered at her. "What did I ever do to you?"

Her smirk faded, leaving an angered look. "You stole my best friend away from me and I don't like it." She snapped.

"Me? I'm not stealing her away! You're with her more than me! And when she's with me you're usually there so I don't see the problem!"

"Ever since you two got together, you're all she talks about. It's annoying." Miranda explained, crossing her arms. "That's why I need to break your relationship with her."

He glared coldly. "I can't believe you would do that to her, we're in love with each other!"

Miranda looked at him, uninterested. "Believe me, she'll get over you. Give or take a week."

He shook his head. "You're a sad person. I've never met anyone as emotionless as you."

She smiled grimly at the comment, not all affected. "That's so sweet of you Luke, but you know what? I don't care because you'll be gone within a week and I don't have to see your face anymore."

Miranda turned to walk away and Luke balled his fists, wanting so badly to punch her lights out.

"I will not let you ruin my relationship!" He yelled out strongly at her retreating back.

She stopped, craning her neck to look at him. "Well, you don't need any of my help to do that. She's already mad at you."

"Yeah, I wonder whose fault is that."

She smiled slyly and left before he could say another word. Luke balled up his fist so hard that he cracked a few of his knuckles. Miranda Miller might've won today, but Luke was going to fight back with vengeance.

Luke was heading to school with angered thoughts filling his mind of Miranda and the mishap that occurred during the weekend with his girlfriend. He tried calling Carly a dozen times, but she didn't pick up.

It looked like she was still mad at him and hopefully this little fight will blow over. He missed her and would do just about anything to get her to talk to him again.

Sighing under his breath, he was about to head to his class that didn't start for about fifteen when he spotted a familiar figure from a distance with a girl.

Luke instantly knew who that person was.

"Damien!" Luke called out with cupped hands around his mouth, trying to project his voice louder.

Damien whirled around and saw Luke, waving at him with recognition. He glanced at the girl quickly and gave one last word before walking towards him. They haven't seen each other for a while and used to be closer before, but things changed once Luke started dating Carly six months ago.

Now they would talk briefly in passing and hang out every now and then at parties, but it wasn't the same. There were no hard feelings between the two and Luke guessed that Damien didn't mind. He never did argue or comment about it when they would see each other.

Damien stopped in front of his friend and smiled, slapping hands with him in greeting. "What's up man? I haven't seen you in a long time! What's going on?" He asked enthusiastically.

Luke shrugged. "Nothing much, just school and hanging out with Carly."

"Oh, you're still with her?" Damien commented jokingly, smirking.

Luke rolled his eyes. "Yes I am. I'm in love with her."

"So, the player is gone then?" He asked, raising a sly eyebrow.

Luke nodded. "No more hooking up with random chicks for me." He eyed Damien curiously, looking passed his shoulder at where he and the girl was before. "But I can't say the same for you."

Damien laughed. "I actually used to date that girl. Her name was Sarah."

"Wait, was that Sarah Barton?" Luke asked and Damien nodded his head with a growing smile. His eyes widened incredulously. "Dude, she totally hated you in high school! How the hell did that happen?"

Damien shrugged, moving over to sit on a nearby bench. "My charm, good looks? Who knows? She finally gave in."

"Why did you stop dating?" Luke inquired, following after him with mild curiosity.

"I wanted to be single again." He answered plainly, sighing a little. "And she was getting a little too clingy so I had to end it."

"Aren't they all?" Luke mentioned, in reference to Damien's past hook ups.

"Yeah, but Sarah was too much. I couldn't breathe whenever she was around and the problem was that she was always around."

"So, what did you say to her early?"

"Just some usual bull shit about how I wanted to be free to do things without the commitment of someone and maybe in the future, we'd start up again." He rolled his eyes at the latter. "There's no way in hell that's going to happen."

Luke laughed. "You were always jumping from girl to girl."

"Yeah and not to long ago you were too until Carly came into the picture." Damien pointed out, raising an eyebrow. "How is the blonde bombshell by the way?"

"Great, she's absolutely wonderful. But we got into a pretty nasty fight last weekend." Luke said, wincing slightly from the memory.

"What happened?" Damien asked.

Luke sighed deeply, rubbing his temples with closed eyes. "Her psychotic friend Miranda, she's the cause to all my fucking problems."

"Whoa, she must be doing some serious damage if you are cussing like that." Damien said, raising both his eyebrows. The usual calm and collected Luke was what he was used to seeing, not the angered, frustrated one. This Miranda girl must be doing a number on him.

"What happened?"

"Nothing! That's the thing! She doesn't have to do anything to make me fight with my girlfriend." Luke exclaimed, frustrated. "I just told Carly that I wanted some alone time without Miranda there and she freaked out."

"Well, you can't break a bond between best friends. Once you're in a relationship, it's like you're in a relationship with the friend too."

"Exactly!" Luke agreed, exhaling a breath. "At least someone understands."

"Nah, I got you man." Damien replied, slapping his back. "You just need to take care of this Amanda-"

"Miranda," Luke corrected in a sullen tone.

"Miranda chick and then you can have Carly all to yourself."

Luke furrowed his eyebrows, confused. "How do I do that?"

Damien shrugged. "I don't know, but you can think of something. You've always been the smart one."

He sighed. "I guess I'll figure something out. Thanks for listening, man."

"Anytime bro." Damien replied, patting him on the back. He stood up from the bench and clung his backpack strap to his chest. "Well, I have to get going, I'll see you around."

"Yeah..." Luke replied under his breath, already deep in thought that he didn't realize Damien leaving.

How could he fix the Miranda situation? Should he beg to make her like him or actually face up to her and saying something about it? Both options weren't good enough and the first made him seem like a coward whereas the second would probably get him in trouble again with Carly because of Miranda. So, what other plan was there?

Luke raked a hand through his dirty blond bushy hair and stood up from the bench, about ready to head to class with five minutes left. He walked the same direction of his friend, noticing his retreating back, when suddenly it hit him.

"DAMIEN!" Luke shouted loudly and Damien turned around curiously at his name being called. "Wait up!"

Luke ran over to him and Damien watched with furrowed eyebrows as he finally reached him with panted breaths.

"What's up, man?" He asked, a little concerned.

"I-I got it!" Luke said through deep breaths, supporting himself up with a hand on Damien's shoulder. "You!"

"What?" Damien replied confusingly, narrowing his eyes.

"You are the solution to my problem!" Luke exclaimed, shaking him by the shoulders.

Damien continued to look confused, staring at his friend as if he had gone mental. "You've lost me."

"Miranda, man!" Luke answered firmly, shaking him again. "I want you to date Miranda!"

"WHAT?" Damien replied in disbelief, shrugging off Luke's hands with wide brown eyes. "Now I know you've gone fucking crazy."

"Come on man! It's a great idea, just think about it! You date Miranda for a while, just to get her off my back and sooner or later, she'll leave us alone!" He explained eagerly, wanting to get Damien on board with his newfound plan.

Damien raised an eyebrow. "And where does that leave me?"

"Well, you'll be helping me out, friend to friend." Luke clarified, grinning.

"What do I get in return?"

Luke hesitated unknowingly. "Uh, I haven't really thought about that yet."

"So, you think that I'd date her just like that while you go prancing around with Carly?" Damien inquired, sounding angered at the end.

He shrugged slightly. "Well yeah, it sounded better in my head."

Damien scoffed, shaking his head. "I have better things to do, Luke." He replied dismissively, turning to walk away.

Luke grabbed hold of his shoulder, not finished. "But Damien, come on! I'll do anything you want!"

"You're not going to convince me." He replied positively, looking ticked off.

"Damien, please!" Luke exclaimed desperately.

"Sorry man, I'm not doing it." Damien replied uncaringly, walking away without another word.

Luke sighed, not happy that his plan already failed before it even started.

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