Baby, your eyes are shining like the stars that
blot that indigo night sky. Which makes me wonder:

Like a star, do you know how it feels to
crash and burn?

You're not afraid of that burning furious exhilarating
rush of adrenaline, boy, so would you want to fall with me?

Come feel what I feel when you look into my eyes;

Come lose yourself in the rush.

It's new and different and sweetheart, I
feel my heart skipping beats and hammering
your name into my chest.

You've got me dancing on the edge of everything;
and have no doubt, I've lost all resistance to you.

If this is love, I'd fall in it again and again
and again;

a repetition that would never cross lines with monotony
as long as your smile was waiting at the end of my rope,

lighting whatever mess I'd trip into.

Because something in those eyes (oh, they put the
stars and the candles and the sun to shame) promises me


Hmm, I think I like this one! :) Written for the new someone in my life, the one who's finally mine. :)