Ignore the bleeding, the red, white and black
Tremors and discords concealing the lack
Pick through the grazes and gore, you may find
A segment, a piece of your mind left behind

Simplistic ruins, your thoughts fade to dust
Music churns faces that writhe in the rust
Stumble through headstone, oh 'lest we forget'
So choke in a whisper, they might hear you yet

Stitch up the gashes and count out the score
Cover your ears, "fucking open the door!"
The heavens won't hear you, no reason to try
"Smile for the camera," they say, "boys don't cry"

Realise they're winning, see bones under skin
You beg to forget but can't even begin
Hiding, just hiding; don't call and don't speak
Don't live in the moment, don't plan past a week

Letters and questions unanswered, unheard
So pick up the pen, force out just one word
Sympathy, hatred, so can you survive?
Smudged ink on the paper, look down, read 'alive'