Tell me then, lover of mine, which titles do we bear?
Mix and match, truth or dare
I dare you, flee the snare

Tell me, then, lover of mine
What is love?
Is it as they say? Is it what we have?
Untouched, unbreakable
Perfect and pure?
Unhindered by sorrow
Untainted by pain

Tell me then, lover of mine
What is pain?
Is it as I think? Is this how we are?
Hateful, disgraceful, cruel
Dark and tainted?
Fearful of your touch
Wrought in anguish

Indistinct visions of what love is, each one to their own
Betray me, break me, kill me now, better than withering in such bitter defeat
Is this love, then, lover of mine?

Tell me, then, lover of mine
What is fear?
Is it what I feel? Is this how it is?
Twisted, harsh, pain
Clashing and forceful?
Grasping at throats
Shallow, desperate breaths

Tell me then, lover of mine
What is hate?
Is this what you feel? Is it for me?
Incessant, heated rage
Distorting your obsession?
Framing my features
Drowning my voice

My destruction is your pride
But is my broken smile a cross to bear? Or just another medal?
A question to answer, the thought to riddle…
Without all this, can love exist?

Tell me, then, lover of mine
What is care?
Is this what we lack? Is this our bane?
careful, gentle whispers
Banished from our facade?
Moments of silence
A breach of concern

Tell me, then, lover of mine
What is trust?
Is it what you broke? Is this glass?
Stability, sanity, serenity
Nothing more than a word?
Lost in the black bruises
Shattered in my hands

But still…
If this is all we are, then this is all we have
And even in the end, broken, crawling back to you
A treaty of spilt tears, the need for you
Need defined by each strike, each flash of pain
Blood and scars, our last remains

Tell me, then, lover of mine
What is this?
Is this one or is it the other?
Confused, frightened, pale
Standing in doorways, speaking in silence
Pierce my eyes

So tell me, then, lover of mine
Just what are we now?
Is this truly what you want of me?
Writhing, screaming, dying
Calling for you, bloodied hands

Clutching at air
A single, cold sneer
A harsh, empty laugh

I'll tell you, still, lover of mine
I'll always love you
So lover of mine, a dare to present
I dare you
Love me too