"It's scary how well I know you."

Oh really?
I look back at you and see instantly that you're serious
I can't believe this
Your deep eyes are sharp in sincerity, and your face is calm
How well do you know me?

You know that large groups of people scare me
You know that, even though I say otherwise, I'm scared of being alone
You know that I smile just to keep you happy

But you can't possibly know how I feel about you

You can't know how your smile brightens my world
You can't know that I love you
You can't know that I would die for you
You can't know
You will never know
You know why?

It's scary how well I know you

You would look at me with your stunning eyes
You would slowly back up
You would make up some lie to help you get away from me
And then you would leave me
To you, I would become nothing
Do you know me?

If you knew, you would hate me

It doesn't matter that my heart is tearing to shreds
It doesn't matter that every moment you speak of him, it hurts
It doesn't matter if you never know how I feel
The only thing that matters is that for the moment you care
For the moment you are by my side
And for the moment, you trust that you know me

Because if you knew
If you ran
I would be nothing
So I smile back at you

"It is, a bit." I say softly

You really have no idea
But it's okay
If I keep lying, we need never change