Does it really take the loss of life to open people's eyes? There are people in the world that can only be happy by feeding off the fear and terror, humiliation and anger, and hopelessness and loneliness. There are people who see you and want to tear you down. I used to be bullied so bad that I would separate myself from others and cling to the one friend I had. Friends never lasted long, and we never got really close. I was bullied from kindergarten for being me and I'm so scarred by that, that I find myself insulting and demeaning myself daily. I struggle to find clothes that are cute enough or shoes that are stylish enough. I even went so far as to not wear my glasses in school because I thought they made me even uglier. There are so many people who just take in this abuse and never let any out. Soon its going to overflow and overcome the person holding it. I regret not speaking up when I could and by the time I had strength to it was too late. I put up with abuse for 8 years before finally realizing the strength I had. Before I created this account, I had thoughts of suicide and I felt depressed because the scars of the bullying were starting to burn again as I found more and more of the bullies in my classes. You can't imagine how it feels to sit next to someone who sent you home in tears in elementary school and doesn't remember you. This account, all the poems I write, are ways for me to express my feeling by exaggerating them so they feel less important. It gave me the strength to stand up for myself and be more independent and strong. I found my strength in poems. Where will you find yours? Speak up before it's too late.