Now I am an old woman. Jabari died a few years back and I miss him terribly. My children have grown and have children of their own. I live with Minkabh who has followed in his father's footsteps and become General of the Army. Papa died last year and my brother took the thrown. My father's death saddened many people who had only ever known him as their pharaoh. There is much talk that my brother will not be able to live up to the standards set by my father. I was sad to see Papa pass away, but also glad. He was in so much pain towards the end of his life and looked terribly feeble and weak. Before he died I asked him if he ever regretted his deal. He smiled at me, the lines in his face deepening at this, and gripped my hand in his massive gnarled one.

"To see you as you are now and as you were then, happy, healthy, makes all my pain worthwhile," he said in a weak and shaky voice. "I have never regretted my choice, my gem. And if I lived a thousand years, I would still not regret it."

I miss everyone very much. I miss Papa, Mama, Nebettawy, Bahiti, Oba, Fenuku, Aikla, Anippe, Ottah and most of all Jabari.

I wait for the end and when it finally comes on a cold winter's day, I am thankful. As my spirit moves on, I ready myself for the trials to come.

I stand before the gods as they weigh my heart against the feather from Maat's crown, seeing if I have committed too much sin to be allowed to pass. They carefully watch the scale with blank faces, giving nothing away. I repeat the chant the priest taught me to ensure my heart is not too heavy.

Finally the scales even out and I breathe a sigh of relief. Osiris smiles and makes a motion with his hand. Behind him, massive golden double doors open. I look back at Anubis who has been my escort.

"Go forth, childe," he says. "You have been expected."

I walk past the doors and out into an open field. The warm sun hits my skin and I can smell the grass and the flowers in the meadow. I look down at myself and see that my body is young again. I was as I had been in the prime of my life. My skin is smooth, my body strong, my hair the vibrant reddish-brown of my father. I glance up and see Jabari standing at a distance from me. He is not the crippled old man, with the battle wounds that pained him greatly that I had buried, but the strong, young General I had fallen in love with. I run to embrace him and he sweeps me up in his arms, spinning me around and kissing me. His skin is warm and sweet smelling and his grip, strong.

I hear my name called and look behind Jabari. There, stand my Papa and Mama, vigorous and sturdy, and the two children I had lost, Anippe and Ottah.

Anippe is a young woman, tall and slender with long red hair and grey eyes, but she favors Jabari's features more. She gives me a blinding smile and calls to me, her voice the gentle jingle of bells. Ottah is tall as well and lean, his blue-black hair is short and his black eyes search my face. He looks more like Papa than anyone. When he shouts to me his voice is strong and clear.

"Welcome home, my love," Jabari says and kisses me as I weep for joy.

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