In this chapter, Mary is fifteen and Thomas is seventeen. By now, Thomas is better but he still doesn't know that Mary loves him; all he knows is that he wants to make things up to her. After he was released from the hospital, Mary had to leave. Now, with his aunt dead, Thomas feels truly alone. On their last day together, he told her he never wanted anything to do with her since she was leaving, just like everyone else. When they finally meet again, he wants to apologize for that day. But the problem is, he has hurt her too much. Now that he begins to realize his feelings for her, it may be too late.

Sorry it took me so long to update.

From Thomas' perspective

I sat on the doorstep; the sun was low in the sky while birds chirped up in the trees.

How long has it been? I wondered, my gaze shifting over to Mary.

"Five years." She whispered, her voice solemn, thinking of the same memory.

"But I thought-" I couldn't finish. It had been too hard, even now, with her head lying on my shoulder. She got up to look at me, her green eyes glossed with tears as she held my face in her hands.

"If it was so hard then why didn't you just tell me?"

"I didn't know you cared." I replied honestly, "I thought you wanted to leave."

"I left because my mother moved. But now I'm here." She told me, glancing away. She bit her lip and a small tear trickled down her cheek. Wiping it away I stared at her, wishing I could take back what I had said so long ago.

"Mary, I'm sorry."

She looked away. I knew she was thinking of the words that had hurt her. The words I had used. The words I had yelled, unaware of what she was feeling too. Soon we were both crying. Both alone now, and nothing could take it back.

"You said you hated me." she choked out, standing up now, her hair falling over her eyes.

"Mary I-"

"After all we did for you!" She spit, her eyes blazing as she began to walk away. Just like I thought she had before, when I felt so alone. I ran after her, catching her by the arm before she could leave.

"I don't want to lose you." I said, looking her in the eyes. "I know I was stupid. I know that I hurt you and I didn't mean it I swear!" I felt my throat tighten and I tried to swallow. My words came out hoarse. "I was just so caught up in my own problems. I didn't consider that it was you. If I could take it back I would, I would say how much you mean to me."

"You just don't understand." She replied. "I have to go now." I watched her leave, her tears spilling over onto the cement, mixing with my own. I was so stupid. I continued to stand there, unable to do or say anything. I waited. She didn't come back.

Does she know? I thought, hoping that things weren't ruined, but I knew they were, and it was my fault. Finally, when I had figured out that I did have feelings for her, she was leaving. This time for good.

Why don't you run? Why don't you go after her?

I did find myself running, running to tell her that I was in love with her. Maybe this time I could do it right.