The Hunger PersephoneTinkerbell

The Hunger

As I look across the gardens in the moonlight, there she is. Beautiful as always and biting her nails as she waits for me. My gaze lingers on her hair as it catches the moonlight, her deep mahogany red curls cascading down her back from the velvet band holding it in place. A smile crosses her face as she turns towards me, my Anastasia, my love, my reason for living. "You came" I say as I walk towards her, letting her scent wash over me. With my newly enhanced senses she seams even more desirable than she did before. I never thought that possible, when I was alive. "I had to come" she says. "You need me Raoul, now more than ever" she looks deep into my eyes and I can't do it. "There are other ways Anna" Even as I say it I know it's not true. She knows as well as I do that I could never let that happen. I could never bring myself to take another's life, and the thought of drinking from anyone but her feels dishonest.

I had awoken for the first time a few short hours ago and already the thirst was unbearable. I had known what I was as soon as I woke. I've read enough to know that. I am a Vampire, and yet I do not know what that really means. Now here I am standing in front of the woman I love preparing to do something unthinkable. I can hear her heart beating as it pushes the blood through her veins. She reaches out to touch my arm. "Let me do this for you, let me help you please." My gaze strays down to her breasts straining on the edge of her bodice. I can see the blood moving through her body, but I try to restrain the beast awakening inside me. "What if I can't stop? I can't bear life without you." She leans in closer pushing her body up against mine as she whispers in my ear "I trust you".

Too late I realise. Too late I remember. This is not that night. This is not my Anastasia. I recall the look of terror in this girl's eyes. I remember the smell of fear as I approached her. "You came" "I'm sorry, do I know you?" "There are other ways Anna" "What? Just stay away from me!" "What if I can't stop? I can't bear life without you." "Oh my god! Your crazy! Let go of me!" As her blood flows into me I remember her screams. But its all too late. The hunger has taken me. I can't stop now. You see the books are all wrong. Once the first drop is drawn we cannot stop, the beast takes over and we are powerless. We have no control until the last drop is gone. That is why my Anastasia is dead, lost forever centuries ago on that first night. Before I knew the truth, before I understood, before I fed the hunger that makes me what I am. I let the girls body fall to the ground and wipe my mouth. "I'm sorry Anna."