Happily Ever After

She sat there looking out of the window. She had been there a very long time with hardly a movement except the wringing of her hands. Every so often her hands would move of their own accord, wringing over and over. The view looked so familiar but she couldn't remember why. Like a picture on the edge of a memory. Something that she had once known, but now had forgotten. So many things were like that now. So many memories lost in the tangle within her head.

A man walked into the room and for a few moments she couldn't remember who he was. She knew that she knew him from somewhere, but she couldn't place his face. "Do you want anything dear, before I go out?"

She looked at him blankly for a couple of seconds willing her lost memories to return. She wrung her hands again. A look of pain crossed his face. He knew she couldn't remember him, some days were worse than others. He knelt down beside her and took her hands, stopping the agitated movement. "It's alright. I'm here," he said.

Suddenly she knew that he had said the same thing over and over hundreds of times in their life together. For a brief second she knew him and she smiled. "I'm alright, I don't need anything." He nodded and left giving her a kiss on the forehead.

He walked down the street looking over his shoulder with almost every step. Looking back at their house, where she sat by the window. They had worked for years to buy that house. And now she sat in the window and forgot what they had worked for. The dreams they had made real. All those years ago they had planned out their life together. Sat side by side and laughed about hopes and dreams. "I don't think I'll ever draw my pension" She had said that one night while they sat in front of the television. The retirement age for women had been increased and she had been thinking about the disease that ran through her family, how it started long before retirement. "It doesn't mean it will happen to you," he had said then. He had wanted to hang on to their dreams. To hang on to their happy ending. The happily ever after. But life wasn't a fairy tale. He continued walking.