Have you ever wondered what happened to the Mythological creatures after the Ancient Greek society collapsed? Well I'm here to tell you the story of one of those creatures, me. We haven't disappeared as you would expect. We saw the Greeks rise and fall, we saw the Romans come and go, and we survived the uprising of Christianity. We have been here since the beginning and we will be there at the end. We are immortal after all. Some people call us monsters and some people call us nymphs or spirits. Now we are neither. We do our best to assimilate ourselves into society, to appear human, to appear mortal and along the way we have a bit of fun.

I've lost track of most of the others. It's been centuries since I've seen any of my own kind. I know they are out there. I can feel their presence every now and then. I feel them hiding in the shadows while I live my life in the light. They stay in the shadows as much as possible so as not to draw attention to themselves. But I'm sick of hiding. I took my place in the limelight and I'm going to stay there as long as I can. The others are afraid. Afraid that we will be discovered. We do not age as mortals do, so they hide. In this day and age, however, it's easier to fit in. If anyone notices that I'm not getting any older they assume I've had work done. And if I can make some money out of my Unique talents then why not.

I should have mentioned it before, but my name is Thelxiepeia. You can call me Thelpy. I used to live with my sisters Peisinoe and Aglaope, but I haven't seen either of them in a very long time. Not since we left Anthemoessa, although I think it's called Ischia now. It's so difficult to keep track of these things. In our youth we were handmaiden's to Kore before her abduction and transformation into Persephone. It was then that we went to Anthemoessa. We stayed there for a long time just the three of us. We had the odd visitor but they never stayed long. Eventually they all followed Persephone into the otherworld.

When we left the island we went our separate ways. We went into hiding like the others. The age of Mythology was over. The new world would not tolerate our existence as the ancients did. It is now the age of rational thought. People like us shouldn't exist in this world, that's what they said. But why should we have to hide. Why should I hide. I made my way through Europe, wondering aimlessly for centuries in hiding, bored. I survived the witch trials secluded from the rest of society. I went on travelling through the invasion of industry and eventually I made my way to America. Finally I gave up hiding.

Once I made my decision it didn't take long for me to get my first job. Once they heard me sing it was a done deal. For decades I sang in sleazy bars, moving from one to another singing for the love of it rather than for the money. It wasn't always easy. Sometimes it was dangerous work. There was nothing between me and the audience. Nothing to protect me from drunken wondering hands. On several occasions I had to use my superior strength to fight them off. Kore's handmaidens were no weaklings afterall. I lost a lot of jobs that way. Piles of corpses are never good for business. The styles of music changed, the audiences changed, and so did the venues. Then a couple of years ago a man walked into a bar while I was on stage, and he changed my life forever.

I'm still singing but I'm safer now. Or should I say the audience are. I sing into a microphone in a small booth instead of on a badly lit stage. There are no grubby drunks reaching towards me and I have enough money for a large apartment. My voice is distributed around the world without much effort. I know I will have to give up this life eventually. But not yet. I'm enjoying myself too much for now. No doubt the others know where I am. I wonder how many of them will recognise me. Maybe my fame will bring my sisters out of hiding. They will find me if they want to. I'm sure they won't be happy with what I've done. But I'm tired of surviving, it's time to live. It's almost like old times. My name is known again. Only this time I'm not feared. I am not a monster. I'm adored. I'm a star. The whole world will hear me Thelxiepeia, and my Siren Song.