Her kind smile that knew no hatred-
it echoes through, stirring;
with almost no noise.
It left a mark on my memories,
and perhaps filled guilt to the brim.
That even if the people wanted to hate on you,
I shouldn't even follow.
Just by giving you a smile,
you smiled back and asked how my day was.
At that moment, something impaled my heart,
that my conscious wouldn't even allow it.
Sometimes, I stare at you
as you give a half-heart smile as you slowly
got tired of being treated like someone not human,
like you're someone bad-
yet you're not; you're a precious pearl
that lays deep in the ocean no one wanted to find.
No one even bothered to learn about you,
so now, one step at a time,
I will be with you and cure the illness you call loneliness.
That if there's someone you can call your friend,
you might not feel so lonely anymore,
you wouldn't feel that life is a game that holds no meaning.
Because the people in it gives hope to you-
yet no one previously guided you on a road to the light,
that's why now, grab hold of my hand.
I'll never, ever let go, so please-
trust and believe in me just this once,
and instead of seeming like me helping you,
you're going to be the one curing me of my loneliness too;
because I'd rather have one treasure to a thousand of fake ones.
And I'd want to have someone who walks down happiness with me,
but also pull through the hardships and pain along with me,
giving the only thing that pushes me on:
your smile; it's a smile that's untainted and pure.
I promise that just this once,
I will not be singing lies or doing wrongs-
You know, I think I've found my lifelong friend-
just that I was too damn blind to see it.