The withering snow seasons rain down,
no mercy shown or felt within-
and it just dripped down like the everlasting,
the buildings I used to know,
they are homes I can't return to anymore,
each footstep is hindered by a spoon of hesitation.
I see you nowhere- right or left,
and the table we used to eat happily together,
it's no more anymore- the lights have ended.
I walk down this deserted road,
home to nothing but nothingness-
somewhere, please tell me a story of home.
It brings me to my knees with tears.
Of all the memories I could recall,
the ones I wanted to forget,
and I stare at myself in the space
with nothing but a blank stare-
on the wavering fingers, a given white lily-
she smiled as she ran towards the future,
trying to change it- yet she fell down.
Please, change the future
and give me a home to return to.
The petals of home-calling flowers in the white wedding tables-
the bittersweet smell of homeā€¦