Your words- they echo
through the good times and hardships.
Yet, they disappeared into yesterday.
If I could rewind the lost time,
that's a malfunctioning video player,
I'd want to hear your beautiful voice-
once again; it's the only thing
that cures my blood that's stained
with each passing seconds into minutes that walks-
You'd never look at the me that
constantly cried to the you
who I knew was the only one
that left the silence for me to
figure out what was it I did wrong.
But like the soaring swan,
you eventually ran on a journey,
to a place you wouldn't regret going;
yet left me a millennium of thoughts-
the needles dropped carelessly into
my heart, and pricked; impaled.
So gentle, calm and stable-
all the elements that made you,
the you that you are today,
and the you I'd never stop loving.