The feeling I felt for you is fading away. Maybe I no longer love you? There were times when I felt like I really loved you, but there are also times where I felt that you were no longer important. I heard it a thousand times, it's either I still love or have never loved. But if I still heed your advice and continue to put in effort, being so conscious of how happy you will be, am I still in love with you? I think I am. I don't remember other people's shirts' colours as I did with yours. I wouldn't be staring directly at you when there's an entire crowd of people there. I wouldn't smile at your vehicle and even remember so vividly your car plate if I had totally no feelings for you, would I?

Maybe sometimes, what I missed was the moments in life that had you in it. Now, you're always with someone else. It's not like it mattered, did it? It's not like you belonged to me in the first place.

If I dropped a red rose in the rock-framed pond,
and it shattered like a breaking glass,
perhaps pretending it was my heart,
it would be pieced back together with mere glue.

But there are still the gaps. I might not love you as much as previously, but there's no evidence stating I no longer love you. Hey, it does hurt this tiny bit to see you smiling with someone else, but really... you deserve the happiness. You've given me this little bit of happiness and had it multiplied along the way.

Perhaps I asked for too much- more than what you could have given, but still... thank you.

(I love you)
as lightly as a whisper.