Cave of the Gorgons

It looked perfectly normal from the outside, you really couldn't tell that just through the trees there was an opening in the rock. But the cat knew. It was a small black cat, and just like the destination it was aiming for, it seemed completely ordinary. But there was nothing ordinary and absolutely nothing normal about the cat, or its destination.

Two yellow eyes glanced around for a moment, but they saw nothing to make her pause. Slowing down the cat moved to the barely perceptible opening in the rock and walked casually through it. Suddenly the cat was gone and in her place stood a small slim woman with long dark hair. The hair was pulled back into a braid and swung back and forth as she walked. She was naked as she walked to a locker camouflaged against the far wall. From it she took a robe and then pulling it on she moved towards a roughly hewn doorway.

Through the doorway there was an open cavern. It's walls were mostly the rough natural shape of the stone, but here and there carvings could be seen. Intricate and incredibly life like carvings, as if they had once been alive, adorned the walls at random intervals. The woman didn't even glance at them as she passed, she was used to them and had seen them many times over the months. Around the cavern amongst the carvings were springled a few rough wooden doors. They were untidy looking, as if they had been primatively made from the surrounding woodland, and so they had. It was one of these that the woman was heading for.

On the other side of the door another woman sat at a make shift desk. Like the doors it looked as if it's components had been scavenged from the immediate area. Lying opwn on the desktop was a large leather bound journal. It was not homemade, and like many of the other things in the room, had obviously been brought from further a field. Another example being the reptile vivarium that took up an entire rough wall, but underneath it and providing it with heat there were some metal pipes scavenged from various places and obviously connected to some water supply and a crudely built stove in a passable attempt at a central heating system. Whoever had equipped this unlikely hide out had spent months making it habitable, and they had done a very good job.

As the door swung open the other woman stood to greet her. She was heavily pregnant and moved slowly.

"Have you finished it already?"

The small dark haired woman asked the question as she reached for the others arm to help her across to the homemade bed in one corner.

"It's finished. Did you see them? Did they agree?"

She nodded at the question and glanced over at the book.

"Yes, they will take them when they are born."

The pregnant woman smiled and closed her eyes as if a huge weight had been taken from her.