The Comforter of Souls:

Each night she opens the window,

And in with the breeze fly lost souls,

Tenderly she wraps them in a tight embrace,

Comforting them with love as warm as coals.

She tells them stories of far away farms,

Where Demeter spreads her godly arms,

And in the soil seeds stir and grow;

A harvest to sow.

They return her words with whispered secrets,

Of why love hurts and rivers flow,

How every tiny pain is not felt alone,

For it still remains God's duty to know.

Eventually she falls into a tranquil sleep,

The souls stay with her in her gentle arms,

Until morning light they are hers to keep.

Then tearfully she returns them to the sky,

And for a while she will watch them fly,

Until they glitter and finally disappear.

The legend of the one who comforts souls,

Is told in the high heavens of this world,

And for her care she received the greatest gift;

A holy kiss.

Now she's blessed beyond compare,

Occasionally she rests among the splendid clouds,

Then she spreads her magnificent wings of white,

And helps lost souls to find the light.

Forever she extends her love and care,

Her warm embrace for all lost souls to share.