The House of Jet


Ligg-Nye rose through the air, his wings beating faster and faster in a vain attempt to out fly the feeling within his gut. He knew the feeling too well, he knew what it meant but he didn't want to believe it. Their lives were so short, the dragon riders. He didn't want to experience the loss of yet another in his long life. "I am not afraid to die" she reminded him as she urged him back down towards the battle. "We are needed." He dived back into the fray. It was their duty. He was Ligg-Nye King of the Jet Dragons, magnificent and powerful. And she, she was Narya. Lady of the House of Jet. If he was King then she was Queen. Leader of the dragon riders of the Jet House and unafraid to die.

He unleashed a burst of flame over the enemy before climbing towards the heavens once again. "Ligg-Nye! We must fight!" Her voice was loud within his head. "No" Usually they were completely in sync, but not today. He didn't want to lose another so soon. "It is not so soon" She reminded him. She had been head of their house for many years. "It is always too soon" She pulled sharply on the reigns. She had never done that before. She had never needed to. They were one mind, but not today. "This is the way it is supposed to be" she said. "One rider dies and another takes their place" He shook the reigns out of her hands. "No" It was useless to fight it. Every time he tried and every time he failed. There was no such thing as an old dragon rider; you died before you were old enough to fail in your duty. "Those are our men down there, our dragons" She knew him too well. Those dragons were his family, his children. He dived once again.