Rated K+/T for alcohol and smoking references, and mild violence later in the story.

Chapter one

Click.Click.Click.The young woman's heels clicked as she walked down the seemingly unending hallway. The brightly- lit hall looked even brighter as a result of the white walls and floor. It was completely barren besides a tightly- sealed door with a scanner every 20 feet. The air itself was cold, still, and lonely. She gave a quick glance to her right.

The middle- aged man who walked with her didn't help to lighten the mood. If anything, he made the hall seem even more dangerous than it already was. His cold, steely eyes were fixed forward. His walk was stately and purposeful, and even his mustache looked prickly and stern. He and the woman didn't say a word the whole walk down the hallway.

Five minutes later, they made it to the end of the hall. The girl noticed immediately that this door was the only one being watched by armed guards. Finally, her companion turned to her and spoke in a British accent. "I should take this time to give you one last chance to change your mind", he said with a tone that matched his eyes, "BE- 003 is highly unstable and dangerous. The last time we tried to make contact with him, he gave three of our workers near- fatal injuries. Are you sure you want to take a chance with your life just to try to change him?" The woman almost rolled her eyes. He finally opens his mouth only to tell her the same thing he's been telling her for the past month? If she didn't change her mind the first twenty times he asked her, why would she change her mind now, after all the planning she's done?

Instead she said what she's said to him all the other times he's asked her. "Yes, sir. I am quite sure that the decision I've made is the best one for both Bio- experiment 003 and myself." The woman saw the man's mustache twitch. Did he notice that she was being as repetitive as he was? Not likely.

"Very well then" he answered. He turned to the guards and nodded his head. The guards obediently turned aside. He placed his right hand on the scanner. As the neon- blue light flashed his hand he added, "I must say I'm quite surprised that your father is letting you do this. Dr. Curt is usually so much wiser."

"Dr. O' Harris, recognized", the scanner beeped, and the door slid open with a quiet whoosh. The woman and Dr. O' Harris stepped inside, where they were met with another door and scanner. The door behind them whished shut. The doctor leaned towards the scanner, which proceeded to scan his eye with a bright red light. After the scanner repeated the same phrase that the one before it said, it slid open, revealing another door. This repeated three times, with each scanner repeating the one before it.

Finally, they were down to the seventh (and last) door. This was the most different of the 7 doors. Instead of a scanner, it held a keypad, and the door had a small window with which to look into the room. The woman took this opportunity to get a preview of this so-called "Trojan Horse". Her eyes widened a little bit at what she saw. He looked so different close- up than in a video.

In the middle of a large white room was a tall man (she estimated about 6'5"). He was wearing a white shirt like patient would wear only it had long sleeves. He was wearing a pair of matching pants, white and plain. The girl couldn't see his face since it was facing the ground, but she could see his hair. It was a wild, gold- blond mess, and she could see that even with all the tangles, it went a little past his shoulders.

The way he was restrained however, shocked the woman even more. His arms and legs were stretched to their limit by four special electromagnetic chains that suspended him off the ground. A super dense sphere (a few hundred pounds each) made of a high tech manmade metal enclosed both of his hands and feet. The spheres were giant magnets and were held off the ground by four super strong electronic currents that glowed blue. The currents disappeared into the wall. Even in this suspended state however, the woman could see that he was muscular.

Suddenly, she realized that there were no sounds next to her. When she looked at the doctor, she found him also looking at the man in the room. He turned to her. In his eyes, the woman thought she could read regret. He looked at his hand, which hovered over the keypad, then looked back at her. "Last chance, Miss Curt", he said quietly. The woman didn't even bother to answer this time. She just went back to looking at the man in the room. Next to her, she heard a sigh. Then the doctor started typing on the keypad.

Immediately, the man's head shot up. Most of his face was covered by tangled hair. He stared right through the window at the two people about to enter his domain. Then he smiled. The woman suddenly wasn't too sure if she wanted to enter. The smile was definitely genuine, but it wasn't a normal "welcome" smile. It was an evil, maniacal smile that said, "you're a complete idiot for coming near me, but hey, it's your funeral!" Then he blew at his hair a little bit, revealing his left eye, which scared Miss Curt even more. It was a bright blue, which made his pupil seem all the darker and more piercing. It looked like he was trying to read her mind… and succeeding. The evil eye mixed with his smile made him look like a true psycho, but his eye seemed to show something else too, though she couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Finally, the Doctor finished typing the code, and the door swished open. They stepped inside the room.