The Secret Children Institute is an unknown organization run by the United Nations. It was made for the common welfare, and for the protection of humankind. You see The Secret Children Institute isn't like any other secret organization, because this particular organization kept "Deadly Children" from the rest of the world.

Held in underground "Cells" these children are kept away from normal humans so that life on Earth may stay the way it is now. Almost each large country has one of these underground locations. The United States, Japan, China, England, and so on. On one fateful night, a riot occurred in the Italian Institute. Almost all of the "Deadly Children" in that Institute location got away. Most went their own ways, some banded together to create the World's destruction. This story you're reading right now, is about the six children who ran away to find peace and happiness. Of course happy stories are no fun so if you're looking for one, then stop reading. If not, then continue on. For this Adventure has almost certainty started.

Caecus Interfectorem- Sightless Killer

I sat there listening, listening to anything and everything. My life here is hell, that's how I view it anyway.

"Caecus? How are you this evening?" that familiar old voice asked me, did you hear that name? Terrible isn't it, and I have to live with that name. Caecus Interfectorem, that's my name and it means Sightless Killer in Latin. If you ask me, I find it very unfitting for a girl, but that's just me.

"Very fine, thank you." I answered quickly.

"Ah Caecus, what do you call me?" I winced, this woman who ever she was. Is going to die when I get out of this Hell Hole. "Caecus?" I frowned.

"I'm very fine, thank you. Mother" I gagged at that last word, don't get me wrong. This woman is NOT my mother, thank god. But this how we refer to this woman who is in charge of us.

"Good," she replied, "I'll leave you to your sleep then." I listened to hear footsteps walking away from my cell. When nothing could be heard I laid on my bed and tried to get some sleep. I doubt I would, considering the fact that there is a ten pound helmet strapped on to my face. Right, you heard me, Ten Pound Helmet. Strapped on my face.

There are probably some things that I should clear up first. The reason there is a ten pound helmet strapped to my head is because, well I have a deadly super human power. It's my eyes, I don't know how or why but I guess for some reason when a living thing is in view of it, my eye can get into that persons mind and crush they're brain. Well actually I'm not sure what it really does.

Only because the people here at this place won't tell you anything. If you're brought here and have no idea why, then you just have to leave it at that. Most kids here know why they were brought here. I do, only because I was somewhat told, by that woman. Oh there's also another thing. I'm blind. Yup, completely blind. That's why they keep this metal helmet over my head, in case I open my eyes. Though, I wasn't always blind, I used to see. I don't know what happened after that though. I wish I could.

Deflectere Resistere- Turned Away to Resist

I laid down in my bed with my hands behind my head. It's not that this place is luxurious, it's just that I'm bored and there's nothing here to do. It was almost time for lights out, so I decided to try and get some sleep.

"Deflectere, you're not going to tell your own Mother good night." I sighed, I was beginning to drift off into sleep, but Mother came at the last minute. I sat up and looked at her through the glass window of my cell.

"Ah, sorry Mother, I'm just tired is all." she smiled at me, it was that warm heart felt smile mothers would always give their children. At least that's what I got from movies and books. I don't know anything about my life before this Institute. Heck I don't know what life is like outside this place, except for all the books they make us read, we're not sure what happens.

"You're such a cute boy when you're sleepy." she said, and I smiled at her. She was really nice to me. "Don't forget, next week you're going to be transferred to the adult division." I smiled.

"Yeah," It was true, in about a week I would be 18, which in most countries means I'm an adult. Because of this, I will be transported to the adult division of this Institute. I wonder if it would be the highlight of my life?

"Well, good night then." she waved at me and I waved back, once she left I was able to sleep. Though I didn't do much of that, because I sat there thinking to myself about my life so far.

I've been here since I could remember. My powers aren't that strong or deadly, and yet when the employees come in here to change sheets or do whatever, they all act so scared. Seriously, being able to resist pain and deflect pain, that's not so scary is it? Well maybe it is if you're the one getting the pain. I'm not sure what injuries I can resist and what injuries I deflect. When I deflect my injuries, someone else in the world gets it, which means not only the pain, but the actual injury also. I knew all of this thanks to Mother. I'm not sure what I would have done without her, but now I'm ready to be on my own, and stop having someone take care of me. Maybe I could even take care of someone else. Who knows?

Fire Coepi- I Began to Fire

"Dammit!" I cursed, trying to melt away the cuffs that chained me to the bed. It was really hard, especially because I couldn't see a damn thing from under this metal helmet. In most cases I could just melt it away, but this room was at a freaking -35 degrees Celsius. It takes me almost all my strength to warm myself up. And by the end of the day when it's time for lights out I pretty much pass out.

I hate my power, the power to create fire and hot temperatures using my mind. I murdered people with this power. This cursed power that I can't take away. I killed off my whole family with this. I don't remember much, except I do remember the flames. Those deadly beautiful flames that I created. I should have died with them. I'm sure death would be much better than this place.

I've had it a lot harder than other kids here. These monsters try to include me in their horrible experiments, if they do then I threaten to burn them. It actually works, humans are such wimps. All talk, but when it comes down to it, they're afraid.

"Fire Coepi? How are you tonight?" I froze,

That was a joke, get it? Because the room is...?

Never mind.

It was her, that woman who should burn in hell, because of what she did to me. Making them chain me up, I was only 4 when I came here, and she did that to me...that b-

"Fire?" she asked, I remained silent. I promised myself I would never talk to her, because of what she did. "Oh, so that's how it's going to be, huh?" she asked, I could practically see her smirk. "Have it your way, sweetie." I wanted to die, oh wait, I'm already in hell.

Mens Capi- Mind to be Taken

I stared at the two workers in my room, concentrating, and concentrating. Why is this girl staring at us? All we're doing is just changing her sheets. They're minds said in Italian. I smirked, if only they knew I could read their minds. She's creeping me out, what was her power? Reading minds, duh.

"Hey, Mens are you reading their minds?" Mother called through the window of my cell. I smiled sweetly at the two older workers, they turned around with fear on their face. It was so funny.

"Sorry." I said, and they practically ran out while screaming. Mother walked into my cell,

"You know that's not nice, right Mens?" I smiled.

"Yes Mother."

"Good, now get some sleep." I wiped my brown bangs away from my face and observed her. I could never read her mind, not because I don't want to, but because it's impossible; I can't.

She had the most beautiful green eyes that I had ever seen, her short blonde hair went just a bit below her ears. Even though she seemed quite old, she looked very young and had a nice figure. Mother was the kind of woman that I want to grow up to be. But I'm sure I wouldn't be as beautiful as her.

"Okay," I said and laid down on the twin sized bed.

"Good night." she said and walked out of my cell.

I sighed, Even though most kids here thought of this place as a prison or whatever, I didn't. This place was my haven and refuge. There were people out there, people who would do whatever to get a hold of me, I know this for sure because my father was like that. He became a billionaire thanks to me. He used my power for money. When the Institute found out about this, they took me away. Took me to a better place, away from monsters like my father. I love it here-


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