Deadly Motus- The Movement of Deadly

I saw the clear liquid in the syringe.

"No…I don't want to…" I murmured quietly,

"What?" the man in the white coat lab asked,

"NO! I DON'T WANT TO!" I screamed,


The wall across from my cell exploded into millions of pieces. All around me, the other kids in their cells shouted with joy. They began to bang on their glass window of their cells, creating webs of breaking glass. At last they were able to break free. The man in the white lab coat stared at me in horror.

"Y-You…Monster!" he screamed at me, I stared back at him, concentrating on all my unknown power to kill him. But unfortunately, other kids got to him before me. "NOOO!" he screamed in horror as he was whisked away by the blood-thirsty children. I heard screaming; it was the man. I pulled my hands over my ears and cried softly.

I sat down on the cold floor; I was only 8 and considered a monster. I hated it. Sometimes all I want to do is kill. I've been here my whole life and I'm still terrified of this place, and myself. I don't know what my power is but it's not a good one.


The sirens went off, signaling all around this place that children broke free from their cell without authorization. I stood up and carefully walked out of my cell and into the white porcelain hallway, careful of the glass. It was clear now, there were no kids here. The white lab coat man was now on the floor in a puddle of red. I closed my eyes. It was just too scary. My whole life so far was just too scary.

I clutched the hem of my night gown and murmured an "I-I'm sorry."

"Hey…" a voice behind me called out.

Bo Homicida- Bone Murder

I had heard a large sound from my cell, it practically shook the whole place. Around me, every one was confused. So was I. All at once our cell doors opened, and sirens went off. For a second everyone just stared at each other with confusion. Finally, a teenage boy walked out of his cell. When he discovered he was unharmed he held his fist up at shouted. Other kids joined him in the hallway. I stayed in my cell. The kids went this way and that, not caring what they were doing as long as it was rebellious. Shouting, screaming, breaking, name it. I finally walked out of my cell for the first time in years.

I kept walking down the white hallways, turning this way and that. Not sure where to go. When I saw a young girl standing before a dead body in a pool of blood.

"I-I'm sorry." the young girl before me murmured to the lifeless corpse on the floor.

"Hey…" I said. She turned around. From her features I guessed she must have been about 8 or 9."What happened?" I asked. The small girl pointed to the wall, it looked as if a bomb went off. "Did you do this?" I asked. She just shrugged. I looked around the hallway; it seemed that all the other kids were able to get away. With the sirens above me going off it was hard to concentrate. No matter what, we had to get away from here. I'm sure those monsters with guns would be here soon. I can't leave a little girl, right? "Let's go." I said and grabbed her hand. She complied and ran with me. It wasn't far though, until we ran into guards. About 13. Their guns were drawn.

"What do we do?" the young girl asked me, I smirked.

"Don't worry." I whispered back to her.

"You two! Surrender now!" one of the guards yelled at us. I pulled her behind me to keep her safe.

"Or what?" I asked using a mocking attitude.

"O-or we'll shoot!" he said unsteadily. Big mistake. Now I knew they were scared.

"Yeah right." I said,


"You're scared, all of you. You're terrified of me." The look on their faces, it was pure horror. "Though you should be, do you know what my name is?" I asked. They remained silent. "It's Bo Homicida. Do you know what it means.?" I took a step forward.

"S-STAY BACK!" The leader yelled, I smirked at his current state.

"It means Bone Murder. I can show you what I mean, if you'd like?"

"THAT'S IT I-" the poor man never finished his sentence. Before he could pull the trigger I concentrated really hard and broke the index finger of his right hand. "AAAAAAHHH!" he dropped his gun and screamed in pain. I concentrated even harder and was able to break his whole arm, bone by bone all the way up to his shoulder. "GAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Chief, what's wrong?" one of his men asked with horror.

"KILL HIM! KILL THE LITTLE BASTARD!" he screamed from the top of his lungs. Before anyone could even shoot, I broke all of their necks. Every single one of them. That bone-cracking sound that I loved so much echoed down the empty hallway. They all fell to the floor, lifeless and unmoving. I turned behind me to see the little girl shaking with fear.

"Don't worry. We need to go." I grabbed her hand and pulled her past the bodies.

"Are...are they okay?" she asked quietly. I looked back at her and saw she was crying.

"Yeah..." I said, "They're fine." which was a lie.

As much as the girl was sad, I was happy. I had actually saved someone with my murderous power.

Caecus Interfectorem- Sightless Killer

I jolted awake from hearing running foot steps from down the hall. I sat up and listened some more. Once the steps got louder, I could tell it was the scientists who worked here. They were screaming and running...from something? I stood up and let my feat touched the cold floor. The vibrations in the floor let me know where I was and what was around me. The screaming got louder until it was right next to my cell. But there were more people. More people chasing the scientists...Who would do that?


I heard the door of my cell swish open. The loud sirens wailing above me. The screaming and yelling was farther now, but I heard the murmuring of confused voices over the sirens. Did all of our cells open? Were we set free? Was this a trick? I just had to know. But I was too scared to take that first step out of my cell. I'd been here since I was 3. This is the only place I've ever been. Even though I'm blind I know where everything is in my cell. One step outside of it then I have no idea where I am.

I didn't want to step outside with other kids there so I stayed. When it was silent, I decided to leave my cell. For the first time since I've been here I left that cell. With every step, I was careful. I used my left hand to feel against the wall and help me guide through the empty hallway. After a few minutes, I heard voices ahead. It was Mother, and another person. I put my hand down and continued to walk towards the voices.

"Ma'am, are you sure about letting them go. I've heard a few employees have already been killed!" a terrified male voice pleaded.

"Well that is quite a shame, I thought I taught these kids better." Mother spoke.

"They're being kept underground! Like hell they'll listen to anything they're told! What's worse is that you-" I heard shuffling, but still continued toward the voices.

"Ah, looks like Caecus is here...What will she do?" that hag.

"" more shuffling.

"Of course Mr. Jack, I am safe. Caecus would never harm her own Mother. I'm not sure about you though..." her voice was so clear and loud, when I felt her presence near me, I turned toward her.

"You're not my mother." I said defiantly, and continued on.

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