Nestled in the golden hills

A cottage stands, red brick and stone

She laughs and dances through the corn

Back to Mother, hearth and home

Her Brother grins, her Sister smiles

She's taken up in love and warmth

Father nods, but stays aloof

His ashen face a ghost did haunt

Two nights past and life seems smashed

Her playground house, so bright, all gone

Her child's world of sun and trees

A shadow, grim, now fell upon

Beyond the hills, their country life

A new prospective, bleak as rain

A foggy hope, a desperate pledge

Of happiness, they'd seek in vain

London seemed a world apart

From golden straw and endless fields

Of brick and smoke, and countless souls

Not one ear of grain would yield

Sequestered in their grey abode

A speck within a buzzing hive

She listened to the din above

Of factories that did come alive

'Morrow worked a tragic change

Of Father gone, and siblings too

Left to work their hands to bone

And troubled times began anew

Mother said: count your blessings

For who knew what hand fate would play?

Listless, tired wraiths they looked

Her kin for whom she felt dismay

One night came, as swift as death

To harbour grief and shatter hearts

Her Sister had dropped fast asleep

In danger's wake, life torn apart

Father wept and Mother prayed

Her Brother hugged her to his chest

The city breathes a cheerless sigh

Another soul, fate's cruel behest

Some might say all harsh times fade

A cloud might soon unfetter sun

For her, there were just too few hands

And thus her own work had begun.