Real Strong 3

Author Note: All inspiration left me for this story...I dunno why you guys liked this story, it's horrible in the beginning...but here is the chapter that's a MILLLLIIIION times better! :D

She could barely reconize herself in the mirror.

"What..." she turned to her best friend, her face full of disbelief and anger, "did you just do to me?"

"I made you into a pretty girl," Maddie replied with a smile on her face that was also a curled, proud smirk as she turned her to face purple mirror in front of the two, "well, a prettier girl."

"Stop telling me I'm pretty," she mumbled, truthfully not believing it before she caught her reflection in the mirror, "holy mess..."

Her hair was a natural light brown with natural blonde highlights woven in, but now it was styled so that you could only see the brown, which actually made the shade look darker. Her eyes were more electric with the heavy make-up, and her clothes framed all the highlights of her developed body.

To Maddie, her best friend was always very beautiful. But to her herself, she'd just been turned from some piece of junk into a breathtaking young women.

"How did you just do that?" her teeth were now bringing out of the natural whiteness of them, and she just stared, her heavily red-lipstick covered lips in a bit of an 'O' as she stared at herself in the mirror.

The other shrugged in response, deciding against confessing about her fashion magaizines as she put her hands on her shoulders with a little squeeze, "I didn't do anything, Courtney."

Hello, beautiful.

All thoughts of Katie left his mind as the New Girl entered the school. She was almost fakely beautiful, with her clinging clothes that brought of gold and silver, and her long, silky brown hair. She looked a lot like Katie, but to Rich, she was a millon times. Even though he certainly wasn't the only guy drooling over her, he knew he was going to get her if he wanted her.

"My name's Rick," he indrouced himself in a smooth, purr-type of way, extending his hand to her, "pleasure to meet you."

It was all it took for Maddie to scowl at him the second she saw him.

"This is Courtney," she lied, pushing the 'new girl' forward gently, "Courtney Adams. She's Katie's twin sister."

"I didn't know she had a sister," he actually looked impressed, but she ignored it, trying not to smirk because he was falling right into her-their-trap, "well, Courtney. Do you have a class schedule yet?"

"I am actually only here for today. I am visiting from down South," she said in a soft, country accent, which obviously made him want her more, which made the best friend of Katie hold back loud laughter.

"We should hang out sometime," much to both of their reliefs, he didn't even bring up 'Courtney's sister' as he wrapped an arm flirtingly across her shoulders, "if that's okay with Madiline over there. Is it okay for us to go out, Mom?"

"Certainly," now Maddie couldn't help scowl, then smirk, at her ex-boyfriend who'd just propped up his heart to be shattered.

She loved it.

She absoutley loved it.

Posed as the country, shy sweetheart Courtney Adams, Katie had actually agreed to a movie date to Rick that very night. Of course, she didn't mention her actual self, hoping he wouldn't ask and figure out it was actually her, just in disguise. But, because he was clueless and an arrogant blowhard too caught up in himself and other girls' bodies, he didn't ask, which relieved herself.

"You were awesome," her best friend winked as they got back to the safety of her own home, both of them still grinning because of their plan.

"Thank you," she replied in her Courtney-voice, making both of them burst into a fit of mad giggles.

He carefully combed the remainder of his blonde hair to the right side so that it slicked to the side carefully and shown.

For some reason, he felt like he'd seen that Courtney-girl before. Probably because she was the Katie girl's twin sister, and they were more than likely indentical. At any rate, he liked the twin better, the one with the tighter clothes and prettier hair. For some reason, he felt like he was connected to her somehow, and that he was going to truly fall in love for the first time in so long.

Now it was time to find out.