A/n: Okay well this is just a forewarning that it gets a little steamy but definitely not worthy of an M rating.

I have this little sister. She's currently a freshman in high school and as at least two personalities. At least that's what her therapist says.

Around the fam she's really nice, kind and courteous. But then when she's around everyone else she's- for lack of a better word- a bitch.

Even if her therapist doesn't understand why; I do.

My sister, Cicily , goes to a school for special children- she's blind.

Plus we don't have any parents.

My mom died giving birth to Cici and then my dad died of lung cancer a year after my mom died.

We currently live with our Aunt and Uncle who unfortunately couldn't have children.

I know Cici's really bitter at the world- she's blind, her parents are dead and everyone thinks she's some kind of charity case- she has every right to be bitter at the world.

But then while Cici is bitter I'm taking what I was dealt with and doing my best.

All throughout my life I've been the nice guy. I can't exactly disagree with that statement. Sometimes it feels like I was born nice. Even though I hate the word 'nice' because it's so general and everyone uses to describe anyone they don't really know too well but think good of them.

The things is though I am nice.

I've always been that way, nice. It's like I was programmed to be nice all the time.

Like bullies, I abhor them with a burning intense passion.

I hate it when people are sad or hurt.

I hate it when people feel bad. It makes me feel bad.

But you know what I love the most? When people stand up for themselves. It's totally righteous and self-satisfying.

I also love honesty because it's a rare and precious thing that's also beautiful. I know the truth hurts but lies are worse.

But don't get me wrong I'm not some sort of religious saint who's anti-cursing, sex, lying, stealing, cheating and goes to church every day and shoves religious down everyone's throat.

That's definitely not me.

But I believe in doing what you think is right and living with your actions.

And I guess that's what makes me nice. I do what I think is right.

Like when I was eight I was playing in the park and my baseball rolled away. I went to look for it and saw this blond boy crying under a tree. Of course I felt concerned. Sure I had no idea who he was but I had to help him. So I went over to talk to him and made sure he was alright. He told me about how he just wished his dad spent more time with him.

Which in a way I could relate but obviously my dad couldn't spend time with me at least in person.

But I walked him back to where his mom was and we became friends.

That's basically how the wolfpack started, but we earned that title much later on.

The wolfpack consists of me, the boy I met twelve years ago- Jack Witzigreuter, Oliver McDonald, Blake Steele, Karsen Cooper and Sawyer Evanston-My best friend secondly but first and foremost my brothers.

Jack is the youngest and he's currently 18, the second youngest are Blake and Saywer at 19, then me and Oliver are 20 and Karsen is the oldest at 21.

But of course our ages don't matter. Jack could be 10 and Karsen could be 30 and I'd still consider them my brothers.

We're all different and we're all a little messed up, but who isn't?

In fact we all go to different colleges now. I see some more than others but all in all we try to speak to each other almost every day or at least when needed.

Of course it sucks though. I'm technically the farthest away from home since I'm in Rhode Island attending Brown University.

But I don't regret it, I love it here and it's really beautiful and I'm getting a great education.

You know what I also don't regret? Being twenty years old and still a virgin.

It's not like I'm saving myself or whatever shit people spew out.

It's just that I want to have sex with someone who I really want to be with but just because she has a good rack or a nice ass. Or because she throws herself at me.

I also think you should be with someone who really gets you going. And all throughout high school there was only one person who got me going.

And I'm in love with her.

But of course I'm in love with Sierra Pope who has a girlfriend. Yeah a girlfriend.

What a fucking situation I landed myself in right?

She's bisexual and was unofficially deemed the class whore and 'class crush' officially. You know like those superlatives for seniors.

I mean it is true, despite that she's had sex with many, many people even more people want to date her. Freshman literally drool over her and I'm sure many people bust a nut just looking at her.

Because she is gorgeous.

Sierra has hair which is kind of corny but it's like a perfect raven color. Then she has this perfect clear porcelain fair skin with almost always rosy cheeks with the tip of her nose always a bit pink. And dear god, Sierra's blue eyes that are so clear it's like the ocean and you can't forget her long ugh sexy eyelashes. Once you add in her pouty full lips and her great skinny hourglass figure and her cute height of five foot three; God her height is so cute- especially compared to my giant height of six foot four.

That all sums up to perfect in the form of Sierra Pope.

And then there was the way Sierra made me feel.

She made my heart rise and fall like a roller coaster- which by the way I hate roller coasters- and butterflies appear in my stomach. I get all tongue tied and terrified yet all giddy and ecstatic. She made me smile like no one else could.

See many guys, and girls, wanted her because of her looks but I need her because of how I felt about her.

Of course though Sierra was always taken by some guy or girl giving me no chance.

But as fate has it, she goes to NYU with Karsen except she doesn't talk to him much they're just friends by association. Sierra is friends with Bailey Daniels, Karsen's best friend and the girl he's in love with. Ironic huh? Or maybe it's more corny that the girl I'm in love with is friends with the girl my best friend is in love with.

Corny or ironic I'm still really terribly awkward around her.

Especially around people.

"Hey Levi?"

"Yeah?" I turn to see who's speaking, "S-Sierra! Hey!" I nervously scratch my neck.

Sierra instantly beams. Whenever I think about Sierra's smile I wish she was voted' best smile' with me instead of class crush with Oliver.

"Do you think you could help me with my math homework?" She looks slightly pained.

"Yeah!" I say a bit too loudly before I accidentally elbow the person's head behind me and step on people's feet, "Sorry!" I call out to them. I pull on my ear and I can feel the heat rising to my face.

Sierra smiles, "Great I really-"

"Oh wait…" I run my fingers through my hair, "I can't. I have a basketball game and hardcore practice all week." God Junior year really kicked my ass. I never should've done basketball but the coach pressured me into joining the team since I'm so tall.

"Oh that's totally fine, I can get somebody else to help me."

Shit, "N-no! Uh wait- I mean I think if I skipped some practice time and whatever I could help you." I pull on my shirt.

"It's okay Lev, really. Don't sweat it. I can find someone else it's fine." She gives me a soft smile and touches my arm.

I sigh, God much rather spend time with Sierra as opposed to playing stupid basketball.

And then Sierra will probably have sex or participate in a sexual activity with whoever ends up helping her.

If only it was I who helped her with her math and then Sierra would fall in love with me, we'd make love and we'd live happily ever after. Okay actually no because I'd be a nervous wreck and probably wouldn't be able to remember anything related to math let alone my own name.

"I'm really sorry."

"I told you Lev, it's fine." Good luck with your game though." She leaves me with a cute wave and I run my fingers through my shaggy dirty blond hair.

By math class the next day Sierra is sitting at her usual seat next to Harmony Blake. She's okay but her shrill voice does get to me. And Harmony isn't as popular as she thinks she is but either way at least she has a good enough self-esteem considering how badly people talk of her.

Then I sat at the back corner with Max Larman who was defined as a geek and referred himself as such. But he's a really cool kid plus he's damn smart but what most people like Harmony Blake saw a skinny boy with a lot of acne and glasses.

Our teacher Mrs. Meyer was this terrible old lady who could barely hear and forgot most things.

"God Harmony you're so annoying." Sierra groans.

Harmony scoffs, "No I'm not. So come on Sierra go shopping with me."

"Look I don't like you. And I definitely don't want to go shopping with you." Sierra stresses every syllable and turns her body away.

I chuckle and so does Max.

Harmony scoffs and makes a weird noise, "So does that mean we can go shopping next week?"

Sierra slowly turns to Harmony to give his this look that says 'are you brain damaged? Do you need help?' and scoffs before turning away again.

"I'll take that as a maybe." Harmony shrugs.

Sierra sighs but doesn't look at her.

I smile.

"Sierra is really hot." Max whispers to me.

"Yeah she definitely is." I can't help but stare at Sierra.


"I wish I had a chance with her, but do you know who I really want to date?"

I wish I had a chance with her too…

"Who?" I ask amused.

"I don't know if you know her but she's Maxine Summers. Man I wish she'd notice me. At least I talk to Sierra sometimes." He sighs.

See the thing is Sierra comes off as a bitch and yes she's definitely popular but she doesn't take any shit. She deals with who she wants to and will hang out with anyone she chooses too. She says anything she wants and gives people complete honesty. Quite frankly I really like it.

The fact that she's a 'bitch' turns me on .

"Huh I think I know her. Hah that's cute though, Max and Maxine. I think I could hook you two up. I can be like your wingman." I nod affirmatively.

"Really?" He looks at me surprised, "Maxine's in the band."

"Yeah definitely then. My friend Blake is in the band with her then."

Our class goes silent when Mrs. Meyer claps, "Okay class go ahead and finish the packet with a partner and when you're done get your homework from my desk."

She shuffles on over and sits down by her desk reading the paper. I'm sure she'll be asleep in no time.

I turn to Max but I look up automatically when I see Sierra stand up. I turn my head but then through my peripheral vision I see her walking this way.

"Hey lev, Max." She grins, "Can I work with you guys? I definitely don't want to be stuck with Harmony."

I'm a bit shocked and my mouth is slightly agape.

I hesitate to answer but Max says something before I do."

"Of course Sierra. Here sit in my seat. I can sit in that empty seat infront of Lev."

"Thanks Max." She smiles at him and I can't help but feel a twang of jealousy.

I mean I don't think she's into him but still. I love her smile and when she smiles at other people I can't help but feel jealous.

"Levi-" Sierra puts a hand on my rather muscular forearm and I tense a bit.

I voluntarily played baseball which did give me plenty of muscles.

"Y-yeah?" I can feel my face heat up.

"You're so cute you know that?"

"O-oh…so…math…" I clear my throat.

"So! Sierra do you know Maxine Summers?" Max thankfully interrupts.

"Yeah I actually met her when I was in band freshman year. Why?" Sierra gets this sly look on her face.

"Well I like her and I really wish she'd notice me." He admits.

God I wish I could be like Max. He's so open about his feelings for Maxine but then here I am sitting right next to Sierra and I can barely remember how to speak around her.

"You were in band?" I interject.

"Yeah I was. I used to play the clarinet." She looks at me and then Max, "That's really cute."

Sierra looks down at her papers and finishes some math problems. Her long eyelashes graze her cheeks and I bounce my leg up and down. God she's cute.

"Was Maxine a-"

Sierra laughs and rests her hand on her cheek, "No she isn't one of those sexually active band geeks. Butttt you could make her into one Max." She smiles suggestively

"Sierra you just totally read my mind." He laughs.

I chuckles and finish some math problems. I silently shift my leg and my knee bumps into Sierra's thigh.

"Oh uh s-sorry." I scratch my cheek and look at the wall.

That's how a lot of conversations went with Sierra at least when other people were around. By the way I did end up getting Max and Maxine together.

"Um I think you're just crazy." I look down at Harlow and his bruised face.

"Look Levi just because you hit me in the face during practice which suddenly made me believe that I'm a basketball genius does not make me crazy." He defends pointing a finger at me.

"Yeah that just makes you concussed." I laugh.

"Whatever I think this possible concussion is making me smarter and maybe luckier. And if concussions make me smarter and luckier then I'm definitely staying concussed."

"Okay fine but I'm not going to give you your next concussion. I already feel bad about this one."

"Hakuna matata dude! Okay wait out here while I talk to the physical trainer just in case I can't remember how to get back…or if I black out…again."

"Okay…hakuna matata!" I mock.

He snorts and walks away.

I chuckle and sit on the floor.

I run my hands through my hair hold my head in my hands. Man my arms are sore. Besides the fact that Harlow has a really hard head which hurt when I hit it but we did a lot of weight training and my muscles are burning.

I pick at the scab on my shin and ignore the footsteps I hear.

I hear the sound of kissing and look up.

"Uh-hey…" I say my heart clearly breaking.

"Lev, hey!" Sierra greets me nervously. She's got the sex hair going on- more than usual- and the guy she's with, Kyle Gentry clearly just got laid. Grrrreat.

"Oh hey bro! I didn't see you there."

"Yeah…I kind of just gave Harlow a concussion so I took him to the trainers." I shrug. I look away and down. Okay I want to look at Sierra but then I don't want to be be thinking about her just having sex. Okay well I do but preferably sex with me and not Kyle Gentry.

"Oh sick. Did he black out?"

"Yeah but he's okay. Definitely concussed but okay."

"Eh that's okay. Bowen wasn't that good anyway. You can pick up for him you're definitely one of the best on the team." He shrugs.

"I'm just a giant so that's pretty much why. I'm taller than everyone…" Sierra smiles and I smile back at her.

"Your height is definitely an advantage. So I've got to go, Si?" Kyle motions for her to take his hand.

"Actually I'm going to drive myself home." She makes a face.

"Oh-okay sure. See you tomorrow though?" Kyle asks.

"Yeah." She fakes a smile and Kyle leaves.

"Hey Lev," She sighs.

"Hey Sierra." I grunt, clearing my throat, "Sit down…I mean unless you have to go."

She slowly walks over and sits down next to me reeeal close. I feel a tingle.

"I just told Kyle that because I really don't want to be with him anymore."

"Uh how long have you-?"

"Just like a week…hey Levi?" Sierra looks up at me. I meekly look at her back.

"Yeah?" I practically whisper.

"You're a really great guy." Her hand brushes mine and I nervously pull my hand away and pat my pocket.

God I'm so fucking sweaty and I probably smell really bad. Of course I'm embarrassingly nasty right now when I'm this close to Sierra.

"Sierra…I-I think you're really too good for Kyle." Again I feel the heat rising to my face.

"I don't know…sometimes I think I'm not exactly- it's just that obviously I like to have sex but then my standards aren't that high. And then it's like I don't deserve a good person you know? Like someone like you." Sierra looks away from me and stares at her legs. I stare at her legs too.

"Sierra you deserve everything you want and only the best of it."

"Thanks Lev,"

"I mean it…you really do. And if I could I've give it to you…I-I uh I mean you know give you things that you want. But not in that way but I mean if you want things that I can give you- wait no that sounds worse I uh mean that we should do- no no not that. I mean that you- you are great." I finish lamely, "Okay no I'm done embarrassing myself and I smell and I'm sweaty so I'm going to go now. Bye." My heart is racing and I start to get up but Sierra grabs my hand laughing.

"I get it." She laughs, "And it was cute not embarrassing."

I look around the hallway shocked and sit back down even closer to Sierra.

"No that was embarrassing." I laugh.

"Well I think you're cute. I've always wondered why you're stull a virgin." She plays with my hand and I smile.

"The opportunity just never happened." I only half lie.

Sierra stops and gives me a 'oh please' look, "Um no I'm pretty sure a lot of girls want to fuck you Levi Krasinski."

"Yeah well just not the girl I want." I sigh.

"And how do you know?" She looks up at me and I look into her eyes literally melting.

I take her hand this time and bite my lip, "I'm just the nice guy…and she'd never consider me."

"Again Levi, how do you know? You don't. I'm sure if you went after her she'd love to be with you sexually and not sexually."

"I wish."

Sierra intertwines our hands and sighs, "Levi Krasinski, any girl would love to be with you and if she doesn't she doesn't deserve you if she doesn't. You're an amazing person." She says seriously and I chew my cheek.

"Sierra-" I lean in closer to her but the trainer's door slams open. I jump back stammer.

"Thanks Gustman!" Harlow shouts, "Oh hey you two!"

"H-hey Harlow. Yeah. Nice to see you." I clench my fist, wow I missed my chance.

"Um h-hey Harlow." Sierra sighs nervously.

She untangles our hands and stands up and I follow in suit.

"So Gustman said that I'm definitely concussed and that I can't play for a while. But I might just lie to the coaches so I can play anyway. Oh and he always wants you to see him to see if you're okay too."

"Oh yeah sure." I say.

"Well I better get going. See you sometime Harlow don't like die. And I guess I'll see you tomorrow Lev. Bye." She waves goodbye quickly and tousles her hair. God I love her.

Back in high school I spent enough time with Sierra to consider us friends but then we weren't exactly best friends. We'd talk about important things, really deep things but then it wasn't enough to classify us as good friends.

It's like I know I could talk to her when I couldn't talk to my best friends. I worry about them but you know it's not like guys always want to talk about their feelings. Plus I appreciate and definitely love that she can talk to me about things.

Obviously I love her. I just that I could've plucked up the courage to ask her out you know. I told her about everything, my sister, my parents and the things the guys worry me about.

In fact Sierra is possibly the only non-family member that Cici likes.

You see how perfect that is?

And then when people tell me that I'm crazy for waiting this long for her I tell them that it's worth it. Because from the day I saw her I knew I was destined to marry this woman. So I could wait all my life for her.

I wake up in the morning by the sound of my phone going off.

"Hey," Jack yawns greeting me.

"Hey Jack."

"What took you so long to answer? I doubt you have a girl in bed with you."

"Hah hah. How funny. I don't think anyone will give up on the virgin jokes, will they?" I chuckle.

"Never. Not even when you're married with kids we'll still joke about you being a virgin."

I roll my eyes.

"Great to know." I scoff.

"So I think you should have a Notebook moment and drive down to NYU and sweep Sierra off her feet. Sing to her a little- that makes girls melt. Oh and smile too since you were voted 'best smile' and that makes girls melt too." Jack suggests.

"There was no singing in The Notebook and Noah didn't go to visit Allie, she visited him." I correct him. I mean I'm completely straight but I can appreciate good movies.

"Whatever. You should really lose the virginity of yours though. I mean you know we think it's cool that you're a virgin, but the only reason is because you haven't made a move on Sierra. It's been two years since high school and despite that you still talk on occasions you should move on or do something!"

I sigh, "You know I've tried to date…and things. But it just didn't work with anyone. Plus she's dating that chick remember?"

Jack laughs, "I seriously think you should go visist Karsen or something- you know him and Bailes the practically married couple."

"Karsen wishes he was married to Bailey. Wait- okay why am I getting so much grief for Sierra but no one's on Karsen's back for being in love with his best friend?" I say pointedly.

"Because at some point we all know he won't be able to contain his feelings. While you sir can wait for as long as it takes. I think you should try being the bad guy." He suggests.

"No that's not even possible. Sure everyone has a mean side and my mean side comes out like once every ten years but either way it's not going to happen."

"I'm not asking you to be mean! I just think that you should go out there and be assertive and do some shit that you really want to do. Like have sex with Sierra Pope and marry her. Remember that time Liam Damien asked you out and you said yes just so you didn't have to turn him down; despite that you're the straightest guy ever?" He scoffs.

"Okay well Liam just came out of the closet and I was apparently the first guy he liked so how could I just say no?" I defend myself. I mean going on one date with him wasn't as awkward as I thought and Sierra thought I was great for doing that.

"Simple you should've said 'Liam I'm straight, so sorry. Oh and I'm in love with Sierra'."

"Whatever. I'll just end up single a virgin and in love with Sierra for the rest of my life. Quite frankly there's nothing wrong with that."

"Look Lev, just think about going after Si okay? Maybe she'll reject you but at least you'll know for sure and you can find someone better."

"Okay I'll think about it. But honestly Jack, there's no one better for me than Sierra Pope." I ruffle my hair.

"Alright, later bro."

"Later Jack."

I get out of bed and prepare myself for more lectures.

Skype me when you get out of class- Karsen

I make a confused face before replying.

Will do- Levi

I rarely text people except for Sierra, Blake and important situations.

I sigh and keep taking notes. This means it's important but with Karsen it's hard to tell. His level of importance is a little skewed. Karsen thinks- I can't find my car keys and I can't remember how to boil water are important text worthy moments.

When I get back to my apartment I put my Mackbook on the kitchen counter along with my keys.

When I had to decide with school to go to my only decision was between Julliard and Brown. All the other schools I applied to didn't matter.

Plus Blake got early acceptance to Julliard so I'd just spend a year there alone and then Blake would go to Julliard. Because honestly Julliard was his only choice- that's all he ever wanted.

But then I decided that music wasn't what I wanted to do forever.

I love to sing and I'm actually really good.

My favorite band is Fall Out Boy and I've always wanted to have vocals like Patrick Stump. You know, I've always admired him but then at one point I could see myself kind of like him. But then I figured that it wasn't something I'd spend my life doing.

Now I'm going to be an archaeologist and I'm completely confident of my choice.

I set down my glass of orange juice and answer Karsen's Skype call.

"What's the big deal Kar?" I say smoothing out my jeans.

"Bailey is getting married."

"What?" I choke a bit.

"Her stupid boyfriend stupidly asked her to marry him. Her boyfriend's name is Gareth! The fuck kind of name is that?" He pouts and crosses his arms. Ah Karsen Cooper the voted 'most attractive' when I was a junior and the look alike of Adam Brody.

"Hey where's Sawyer?"

"Oh he's busy, "Karsen waves off, "So back to Bailey."

"Wait she said yes?" I ask heavily confused, "They've been dating what, a year?"

"Exactly! She came by to talk about it but I wasn't there so she went back to DC." He huffs.

"Kar you have a girlfriend-"

"Yeah well I'm breaking up with her. I don't care about her and she doesn't care about me. I care about Bailey and she's engaged now because it's the 'right choice'." Karsen makes air quotes and slams his hands down.

"She told you that?" I sip my OJ.

"Yes! Well…no. I called her and she didn't tell me about the engagement but she told Sawyer when she stopped by, BUT she doesn't know that I know. So I deceptively asked what she wanted to tell me but even though I know the answer. Then all she said was 'we'll talk about it when I see you this weekend but I'm doing the right thing with Gareth'. And I obviously knew that she didn't break up with him because she would've just said that. Ugh dear god she'd be Mrs. Bailey Gareth-whatever his last name is. It's probably something stupid." Karsen whines.

Look Kar, just wait until you see Bailey and then you can talk her out of it or she can talk you into letting her marry him. She is very persuasive and a genius. Smarter than Blake. So anyway how's Sierra?" I look around the room innocently so he doesn't see how eager I am.

Karsen gives me this 'of course' look, "She's fine, still dating that Gemma girl. You should come down here and listen to me complain more. Plus if you see Sierra you could possibly have a threesome with her girlfriend."

I roll my eyes, "The only person I want to have sex with is Sierra but she doesn't even want to have sex with me."

"You cannot tell me that you wouldn't have a threesome with Sierra and some other chick if the opportunity arose." Karsen gives me a knowing look.

"Okay, fine I would if the opportunity came up only because it involves Sierra. But I wouldn't have a threesome my first time. That'd be awkward and I don't want to lose my virginity the way Oliver did. Look how he turned out with his sexcapades. Now Autumn can't take him seriously.

Oliver was the resident player of the group and of our high school, Westwood. Autumn was the girl who got pregnant when she, Oliver and I were Juniors. She also happens to be the only girl Oliver would change his ways for.

"Fine fine, "He waves me off, "We definitely don't want you to be a man whore. And that'd be too awkward, you're already awkward enough around her. You might die of awkwardness then. But anyway you really should come over though. I miss you dude and so does Blake. You can be our roomie for the time being. We all just want you to be happy considering how you take care of us and everyone around you- especially your sister and your grandparents. Do something to make you happy. Like Sierra."

"Yeah I know, thanks bro. I think I will drive down to see y'all. I don't have any classes tomorrow or this weekend so maybe I'll leave tomorrow morning."

"Okay, see ya Lev."

"Later Kar."

Around noon the next day I'm wandering the NYU campus waiting for Karsen to get out of class.

I awkwardly stroll around before deciding to buy a cup of coffee.

"Levi, hey!" I turn around to see the beaming face of Sierra Pope.

"Sierra!" I say a little too loudly before engulfing her in a hug.

"It's been a while. I mean besides the occasional Skype but you know."

"Yeah- yeah it has. Way too long." I actually wished that I could see her every day for the rest of my life but she doesn't need to know that yet.

She's still as gorgeous and as perfect as ever- if not more.

"What're you doing down here?"

"Oh just vising Karsen and Blake. Well maybe Blake It just depends on how busy he is with his music. Sometimes he sleeps in those practice rooms." I shrug.

"God you guys seriously are like brothers. It's really cute."


"Yeah, I mean I have Ashley and Gavin but it's different from what the six of you have." She shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly.

"So uh- how're things with your girlfriend? Gemma." I ask, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"Great actually. She's actually supposed to be around her…want to meet her?" Sierra suggests. I both do and do not want to meet her. What to say…

"Yeah! Sure." I grab my cup of coffee and some packets of sugar.

I walk with Sierra casually bumping into her side until we sit down on a bench.

"D'ya remember how we met?" Sierra asks looking up at me.

"Of course, one of my most awkward moments." I admit.

"Yeah well it wasn't exactly my best moment either." She laughs.

Dear God I remember that.

It was freshman year and I stupidly let Karsen and Oliver convinced me that it'd be funny to go to my last class of the day in my boxers. Which was funny but then I had to piss so I went to the bathroom. Guess who was giving a blowjob in the bathroom that I just so happened to walk into? Sierra.

Guess who didn't stop when I walked in? Sierra.

Guess who got a woody when I saw it? Me.

Guess who was moaning? The guy she was blowing and me.

Yeah. Awkward.

So I had to piss but it was really had with a hard on like that and then ugh. My face was as red as my red plaid boxers.

Sierra only noticed me when the guy zipped up his pants and she stood up. And then it was even more awkward because I was using the urinal, poor choice on my part, and then she smiled and laugh before telling me that I was cute. The guy walked out and I awkwardly washed my hands.

Sierra bit her lip and started to leave before I stopped her and asked what her name was and told her mine.

Definitely not romantic but definitely memorable.

Which is even odder that at that moment I decided I was going to marry her.

Not because she was giving the guy a blowjob and was clearly amazing at it but because she didn't give a fuck what anyone thought and yet had dignity and pride while doing so.

"God I am such a whore." She laughs shaking her hair and pulling it to the side.

"I can't exactly argue with that." I joke.

"Hey!" She laughs and playfully pushes me.

"Sorry, I'm sorry. You're amazing Sierra. And I'm sure you've gotten better at giving blowjobs now."

"Shush your lips and fyi I am amazing at them."

"I bet." I smile.

Sierra smiles at me and I try to drink my coffee.

"Shit," I miss my mouth by a bit and some coffee dribbles down my chin.

I'm an embarrassment.

Sierra laughs and licks her thumb, rubbing my chin.

That was pretty hot, not gonna lie.

I grin and instinctively put my hand on her hip. I move my face closer to hers and our noses touch. She's not smiling anymore but she has this conflicted lustful face. She puts a hand on my neck and I hover over her with her back tightly against the bench.

God should I kiss her? Kissing her would be wrong since she has a girlfriend but then it'd be so right.

"Levi…" She says breathlessly and in doing so her bottom lip grazes mine.

My heart aches but I go in for a kiss.

Our lips finally touch and it's perfection. Sierra's hands grab at my hair and I grab at her.

God she's definitely not close enough.

Sierra nips at my lips with her teeth and I retaliate by pulling her on top of me causing her to gasp.

I work my tongue into her now open mouth and we play around, smiling and keeping contact.

By now I'm grinning like an idiot and out of breath. I reluctantly pull away for a quick breath of air but Sierra pulls away, I follow her lips like a magnet but she pushes me away. I completely disentangle myself from her and rub my forehead. God what did I do…okay it was amazing and possibly the best moment of my life but I kissed her, Sierra Pope, who's currently taken and who also doesn't love me.

"Levi…" She groans.

"Sierra oh my fucking god. I'm sorry- I- I shouldn't have and I-I-"

"Lev calm down," She touches my cheek, "I- do you think we could talk? Like in private."

"Yeah. Yeah, definitely. But isn't Gemma meeting you?"

"I can just text her- this is more important." She gets gently tugging my hand making me stand up.

"I'm more important?" I grin.

And for the first time in my life I see Sierra's face go red.

"I'm important to you." I beam.

Sierra grabs my shirt and drags me along, "Lev can we please not talk about this here-"

"Sierra," I practically giggle as I hold onto her waist, "Sierra." I say with a slightly commanding tone.

She grabs onto my t-shirt and I pull her closer, "Sierra you're really important to me too."

She blinks a lot and looks away, "Uh okay let's go back to my dorm and we can discuss all of this because Gem-"


She quickly turns around and stammers but quickly regains her composure, "G-Gemma! Hey sweetie," She runs over to give her girlfriend a kiss and I feel possessive, "This is Levi."

"Hey," I lift my hand in acknowledging her.

"Hey." She's this tall girl, pale with even paler hair and very bright red lipstick and dark eye makeup.

I can see a tattoo here and there. She's definitely the more masculine one in the relationship since Sierra is all dainty and tiny.

God I love Sierra.

"So ready to go?" Gemma asks.

"Right about that I have to go with Levi-"

"Yeah, my cat is sick and I need Si's help. His name is Blake and he's been very dear to me."

"You have a cat?" Gemma asks with a disgruntled face.

"Yeah I have five actually. I'm a cat man." I suck on my teeth and grab Sierra's hand, "So yeah we've gotta go. But don't worry she's definitely safe in my hands!"

I quickly drag her out of sight.

"Cats?" Sierra questions.

I shrug, "That's the best I could think of on the spot." I give Sierra a slow kiss and pull away before she could protest.

"Lev that's inappropriate." She looks at me jokingly.

"I'd like to do inappropriate things to you." I blurt out. Whoops, "Okay – uh-um no I didn't mean to say that- I uh sorry." I ruffle my hair.

She smiles, "Come on let's go."

Before I know it we're back at Sierra's dorm.

"Okay look Lev, we shouldn't have kissed considering that I-"

"You have a girlfriend," I finish for her, "I know. But Sierra I've been- I've wanted to kiss you for the longest time and I always thought that you wouldn't want to kiss me." I admit.

I nervously pace around her room and she grabs my arm, "Hey, hey. Lev, babe calm down."

"Babe?" I smile.

"Right well-"

I pull Sierra really close and she shuts up with her lips slightly quivering.

I brush some of her hair behind her ear and stroke her jaw with my thumb.

"Levi Krasinski I've had the biggest crush on you ever since the tenth grade."

I'm sure my heart could burst and I could split my face with the smile I have plastered on.

I give her a kiss with as much love as I can muster up and she returns it.

Damn everyone was right and I should've listened to them earlier.

"Sierra…I'm…in…Love…with…you…" I whisper between kisses.

And that's all it took.

We kiss and kiss until we fall into her bed and I'm shirtless.

The thing is about being a virgin is that you have to go by your instincts. No matter what you see or what people tell you, you can't really stop and think about what you should do. So you have to go by what you think is right without much thought.

Plus it's hard to even think.

"Sierra…" I breathe out, up buttoning her shirt from the bottom up. Slow long kisses and her hands in my hair add to the intensity.

She arches her back until our bare skin is touching and I groan.

With her shirt fully unbuttoned her bright red lacey bra is exposed as well as her flat stomach. I run my hand up her stomach and she shivers.

"Levi," I quickly capture her lips with mine giving her open mouthed kisses, "Mmm." She moans causing me to smile.

Obviously though she takes me smile as a challenge.

Sierra lifts a leg and rubs her lower half against me, biting my ear which results in me moaning.

I run my nose across her cheek and we look at each other with half lidded eyes.

By the time we were done for first time I just laid there on top of her, both of us panting.

And then…well things went on and on for the rest of the night.

When morning came around Sierra was wrapped in my arms possessively.

"Mhm…Levi," She sighs, shifting and grazing her fingertips against my jawline.

"I love you." I say smiling and entangling my large hand in her soft silky hair.

She doesn't say anything right away and just touches my hair and looks into my eyes.

"I love you." She says.

And that that moment I became the happiest man on earth.

I officially declare that no one could be feeling the way I do right now.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say that and how long I've been waiting to make love to you."

"Just a little bit longer than I've been waiting."

"Well neither of us has to wait anymore. Unless you don't want to be with me because I mean you don't have to," I suddenly get nervous and realize what just happened, "Because Si- I-I you know I was a virgin until last night so I- you know if it was bad then-or if you know you don't want to-"

"Lev, baby calm down." She kisses me and brushes my bangs away, "I just told you that I love you. Remember?" She smiles.

"Yeah- yeah I remember," I grin, "But I don't know maybe you don't want to be with me. Plus maybe I wasbad-"

"Sweetie you were great-better than a lot of other people I've been with and bigger. So don't worry and even so both of us can get better too." She kisses me again.

I kiss her eyelid, down her cheek and on her nose.

"I don't think it's possible for you to get better."

"Trust me I can and I definitely love being with you. Sexually and not sexually."

"Yeah? Which means we'll be having sex again."

"Again and again."

I chuckle and wiggle my eyebrows suggestively causing Sierra to laugh.

"Okay well I think we should get dressed and maybe get something to eat." Sierra sits up and I sit up too but only to wrap my long arms around her.

"If we must." I kiss her neck briefly before finding my clothes.

When we're both fully dressed. I check me phone.

Elven missed calls from Karsen and practically three times as many text messages.

I sigh and call him back.

He picks up on the first ring, "Hey," I greet.

"Hey? Hey? I've been calling you since yesterday and texting you like crazy and all you say is hey? Where the fuck have you been Levi Krasinski? You better not be lying in a ditch somewhere or-"

"Calm down Karsen. I'm with Sierra."

"Sierra?" He asks suddenly calm and interested, "What're you doing with her…?"

"Well," I look at her and smile. She happily rolls her eyes, "I'm with her…right now. In her dorm."

Sierra walks over to her closet staring at her clothes with her hands on her hips. I smile again.

"Woah woah woah! What? What happened? Have you been with her this whole time?"

"Yeah," I laugh goofily, "I love her and she loves me."

"What!" Karsen laughs with some disbelief in his voice, "Okay so did you…?"

"Yeah." I smile again falling into her bed.

I bite my lip as Sierra crawls on top of me running her hands through her hair. I put my arm around her torso and pull her in close.

"I am proud of you Levi Krasinski. You definitely had every right and reason to ignore and worry me. I'm glad you're not dead and I'm glad that you're probably the most alive you've ever been right now," Karsen pauses and mumbles mostly to himself.

"I'm going to go find Gemma break up with her after you're done." Sierra whispers in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

God I feel like such a chick but honestly it doesn't matter.

"Okay Karsen stop talking to yourself." I interrupt him.

"Sorry, sorry. Well first off again I'm very proud of you. You're finally with the girl of your dreams. Now how long are you gonna be with her? I mean like are you going to spend the day with her again or-?"

"Um I don't know," I move my mouth away from the receiver, "Si do you have class today?"

"Yeah, if you want to go hang out with Karsen go ahead." She answers.

"I'll come see you after we grab a bite to eat and she breaks up with Gemma."

Sierra nods into my shoulder.

"Hm good. Sounds like a plan. Oh I broke up with whatsherface last night and yeah. I mean you didn't give me any advice so I was sort of a jerk about it but whatever again. Right I forgot how was it?"

"The best. And she's the best thing in my life. Sorry Kar. You should've just waited for me. I could've helped you but no Mr. Impulsive."

"Hey you're lucky I didn't drive down to DC while you were losing your virginity. By the way Sawyer is totally obsessed with this girl. He's not officially stalking her and spending all his time at Julliard and in the practice rooms. We'll talk about that later. I'm gonna let you go be with your girl and I'll see you later."

"Okay bro, later." I hang up.

Wow, Sawyer? Into a girl? Our worlds are definitely changing. I'm not longer a virgin and finally with Sierra, Sawyer is lovestruck and Karsen is finally going after Bailey who's engaged, what's next? Blake falling in love? Or Oliver giving up sex? Maybe Jack gets married?

God this is all too crazy. Crazy but good.

Within two hours, I had breakfast, Sierra broke up with Gemma while I awkwardly stood there-inwardly very smug- and Karsen convinced me to drive to DC with him.

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