I've revealed my true colors dear

And I wear my shame boldly

I ask again for a chance

And you look at me coldly

Your beauty defines fashion

And you judge me as a fogy

But let me live, for this headache is massive

I have begged for a change in the past

Now I beg for a chance

I've already made a change, not for my life

But for my mental stance

I came out of this a better man

And I learned a lot from this romance

I'd rather let you hold my heart, then let guilt hold me captive

My memories of you, big enough for a gallery

You paint the portraits and fill it with your nature

My life is a wasteland without you and

Your lush presence nourishes every acre

I'm drowning in my own ocean

Your arms will lift me onto this freighter

Let me love, this was too close to pass

We were made to attach, but surely you jest

I wanna be with you and that is a fact

I understand that you think I'm a fake

But I assure you this confession isn't an act

Yet, you still don't believe me, since you know

I have a tendency to overreact.

Every time I think I have a chance, I realize hope and thought took me to the clouds above.

"I'm willing to take a chance too" she says

How kind of her to take notice

"Will you accept this offering to you" she says

Of course I will my little lotus

This last opportunity was impossible to miss

Hand to hand, palm to palm, and wrist to wrist

I share this last opportunity with this first kiss

And I lived happily ever after