I promised myself that I would never be close to anyone,

but darling, you are the only exception. Your encouraging

words lift me up and I feel as if I am on top of the world. I

open up my heart to you, this gift shouldn't be taken lightly

because I am afraid to be forsaken and shaken by your harsh

words. I know you have a life, but you could at least make time

for me even after I have made room for you in my schuelde. Here

we go again, let the flames and heart games begin. It is as clear

as day, your failure to stay in contact with me. Here we go again,

I am not your first priority even after all of the sacrifices that I have

made for you. I am now struggling with believing in the power of unity,

serenity and generousity because of you. Here we go again, please

explain this conspriacy against me. I wonder what I do wrong to you

to deserve your rejection. I can spot out the pain and sadness in my

reflection, please answer my question. Content with the future, I am

like whatever so I will stop feeling sorry for you. You can get back to

me whenever you feel like it. In the mean time, I will do me and you

can do you. I don't need you to be in my life and yet apart of me feels

lonely without you because I am too emotionally invested in you to let go.