Eli Phoenix

The Pyramid of the Sphinx

Book 2

Chapter 1: Going to the Movies

It has been about a month since I've been in the magical realm of Mernus. A lot has happened since then. I had the rest of my summer. Lavender and me have been getting a little more serious with our relationship. We have been going on dates to places like restaurants, movie theaters, and just hanging out. Steve and me are practicing our sword fighting. We use our really bad lacrosse sticks that were already bent to fight. I've also been practicing with my phoenix power thing. I've gotten a lot better. I could easily make fireballs appear in my hand and now I'm able to make flames appear in my hands that our twice as big as my house. But I only tried that once because it's hard to get away with something like that. I know this one sounds stupid of me but I tried the flying thing again, but only works if I go into full phoenix mode. The reason I know that is because I chose one day to open my window and maybe to jump out of it. Well I sprained my wrist because of that and I missed two and a half weeks of summer because of that. Another thing that happened was that my birthday was on August twenty-ninth. I got a new staff for my lacrosse stick, money, clothes, and some posters of bands like The Who or The Beatles. I had the posters all over my blue room where I was laying in my bed. I was sitting there bored and doing nothing. It was a Saturday and I was waiting to go to Steves house. He was having Joey, Jack, Anthony, and me go to a movie and then sleepover. It was four and he said he was picking me up for the movie at eight. There was another storm going on outside while I was waiting. Lybon told me that was the enemies trying to break through to our realm. He also told me that he made a giant shield around the human realm and that is why the enemies haven't gotten through yet. It didn't really bother me because it not like they are going to succeed breaking into our realm this time out of the other hundreds or thousands of times. I then heard my phone buzz. I looked over to see it was unlocked and then I grabbed it. It said Lavender Hampton in big letters with new message underneath it. I looked at what the message was. It was just a regular hey. I didn't usually text people if they sent me hey, but since it was Lavender I texted her back. I went downstairs and found my sister on the computer. She was talking with her college friends. My mom was sitting on her laptop in the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I grabbed some food and prepared myself to watch some T.V. There wasn't much to do because it was storming out. I watched T.V. For about an hour and a half. Then my sister left to go somewhere with her friends. The storm was starting to clear up then so I chose to go outside and play basketball. I wasted another hour and a half out there. It was now a little past eight so I went on the computer for a little. Then I watched T.V. until Steve came. The doorbell rang and I went to open the front door. Once I opened it Steve was getting back into his moms car. I grabbed a small bag with all my stuff in it and then hopped into the car. Everybody was already in the car. Jack was sitting next to me. He has kind of tan skin and brown bushy hair. Joey was sitting behind me and he was sitting next to Anthony. Joey is big, but not fat big. He has curly brown hair and a big nose. Anthony has greasy black short hair and has very tan skin. Mrs. Peterson started driving her mini-van to the movie theatre. It took about ten minutes to get there. She pulled up to the front and dropped us off. We walked inside, and there were posters everywhere. It's pretty crazy how many movies people come up with. We got our tickets and bought some drinks and food. We walked into theatre twelve and found some seats in the last row. We talked until the previews came on. I always think the previews look really cool. When the green screen came on and showed the rating I saw that the man in front of me had a pointed ear. I've been through too much to question if it was real. It was defiantly an elf that means it was probably sent by the enemies to kill all the humans, and it's main target was probably Steve and me. I chose to watch the movie then worry about the elf. I completely forgot about the elf for the two-hour movie. Once it was over we walked out of the theatre.

I stopped everyone. "Let's go out the back." I suggested.

Everybody then shrugged and went towards the back entrance. While walking towards the door I told Steve what I saw. We both then started to rush towards the door. Once there we opened the door and started walking out. I was the last one to leave. While I was about to close the door I saw the long, straight blonde haired elf looking back and forth for us. I then quickly closed the door and turned around to find that everyone was frozen in shock inside of a dark alley way. I didn't have to wonder why because before me was something weird. I think it was another type of griffin. There must be a lot of different types of griffins. It had the regular front. It was an eagle's head, but this time it had a dog or a wolves back end. I couldn't really tell which animal it was because they both look a lot a like. I was relieved when it was a little bit more then half the size of a griffin. "What am I going to fight him with?" I wondered.

"What-t-t is that?" Jack stuttered.

"I don't know. Steve how will we kill it?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. We don't have any weapons.

"Great." I whispered to myself.

Then Anthony tried to run away which was a horrible idea. The eagle-dog started to chase him. In an instant he knocked him down on his stomach and bit his leg. He started to drag Anthony away. Then Steve and me jumped on it and started trying to pin it down, but it wouldn't budge. I noticed something different about this griffin thing. Even though it is smaller then the others it's defiantly way stronger. The eagle-dog let go of Anthony and changed its target to Steve. I jumped on Steve and he landed on his back. The eagle-dog started to bit Steve while Steve was pinned down.

Steve then started to shout at it. "Bad! No! Bad dog! Or eagle thing."

I didn't know what to do. Steves was getting beaten up really badly and I couldn't do anything. Then, like a flash of light, an arrow flew by my face and hit the back of the eagle-dog. It then turned around and started running towards the area where the arrow was shot from. Then it started slowing down. It looked like it was tired, but why? After a few more seconds it collapsed onto the ground. Then the elf walked out of the shadows. It must've been him who shot the arrow. He was wearing a big green cloak on and he had bright green eyes.

"What was that?" Steve asked.

"Well my names Belfounth if you're wondering, and it's called a cynogriffon. It's a perfect hunter. I am pretty sure a bounty hunter would have sent it. Resormont probably paid the bounty hunter to send this after you." Belfounth said.

"How'd it get through the shield Lybon put up?" I asked.

"His shield is becoming weaker and the enemies have found some weak spots throughout it. Anyways if they break into this realm it's very hard to get back. That's probably why they sent the cynogriffon. So it could kill you two and then kill some humans or something."

"What's going on?" Jack asked.

"Nothing." Belfounth said while flowing his hand in front of Jack, Joey, and Anthony's faces. Then they all fell to the ground.

"Are they okay?" Steve asked.

"In about five minutes they'll be standing again. I just wiped their minds of what just happened. Tell Lavender what happened and I want to meet up with you three tomorrow in front of Steves house. Then we will go back to the mystical realm."

"Okay." Steve and me said. Then he walked away and we waited for the three on the ground to wake up. Once they where up they started asking what happened and we said they slipped which was a stupid excuse but they believed us. We then went back to Steves house and finished the night so then tomorrow we can go back to Mernus.