Chapter 20: The Burial

We reached Tepicas and Reys bodies. They were dead. It was so weird. I then fell to the ground crying. Rey and Tepica helped us so much. How could they die? They seemed invincible. I peeked up to look at them again. They were lying on top of each other with a sword going through both of their bodies. I then quickly brought my head back down. I felt Lavenders hand on my back.

"Don't worry." She said. "At least they died saving the world."

I kept my head down. I didn't want he to see my tears. Once my face felt like it wasn't that wet anymore I lifted it up and instantly started wiping my face. Lavender and me got up on feet slowly.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Ya." I said with a voice crack.

That made her smile, which made me smile. Then we started cracking up and rolling on the ground.

"Ya." Lavender imitated with a giant exaggeration. It wasn't that funny and I didn't know why we couldn't stop laughing. I felt like that I would never stop laughing even though this might me the stupidest joke ever. After a while our laughing slowed down and then it finally stopped. We then stood up.

"You ready to go?" She asked.


She held out her hand and I grabbed it. Then with her other hand she grabbed Tepica and then I grabbed Rey with my free hand. I looked up and saw Lavender looking at me. She then gave me a quick nod and we went flying through the portal. The wind was blowing my hair back as I tried to look at the end of it. The colors were bending together around us. I wonder what would happen if I touched the sides. I decided not to. We then appeared at Reys house.

"Why are we here?" I asked.

"We're going to burry their bodies."

"Should I get shovels?"


I then hopped out of the front door and ran up to the castle. On the way there I passed a pond. I then quickly looked at myself. Great, my eyes were as red as possible and my hair was completely messed up. I tried fixing it, but then I remembered that I had to get shovels so I kept going. Once I was in the castle I chose a hall to go down to start looking inside of closets. There weren't any shovels until I reached the second floor. There were four shovels sitting against the wall. I grabbed two and then rushed down to Lavender. I was passing Maria and her daughter in the hall.

"Maria." I said.

"Yes, Eli." Maria said.

"Can you tell Lybon we're back and that Rey and Tepica are dead? Also that Steve was captured. I'll be down at Reys house if he's wondering."

"Aw. Well, alright, bye sweetie."

I then continued walking to Lavender. I passed everything on the way back that I did on the way there. Once there I noticed that Lavender moved their bodies so that they would be next to the places she wanted them to be buried. They were both next to the few stairs that led up to the door. I saw Lavender even looking for stones on the other side of the house.

"Hey." I said.

She dropped the stones she was holding.

"I didn't see you!" She said with her eyes wide open. I was forced to laugh a little bit. "Did you get the shovels?"

I lifted up my hand that was holding both of the short shovels.

"Let's get to digging." She said while grabbing one of the shovels. We went to the front of the house. We got to the corpses and started digging. It was actually pretty hard to do. I was sweating a lot when we were done. We then grabbed a couple stones and tried scratching words onto them. It didn't work so we gave up. We started walking back to the castle to see what we could do to get a proper burial for them. Then I saw Lybon walking down from the castle to us. We stood still and waited for him to get to us.

"I heard the sad news." He said.

"What should we do?" I asked.

"They are using Steve for something, but we don't know yet. Also I should give them a tombstone." Lybon said looking at the place we buried Tepica and Rey. He walked over to them gracefully. I actually never noticed how calm his walk was. It looked like he was floating. He then picked up our rocks and wrote on them with magic. First their names, then the date, and finally a little paragraph about them. He then stood up and looked at both of us.

"You two should get some rest." He said. Then he started to walk away. He was walking a little faster then normal.

"But what about Steve?" I asked. "We have to save him."

Lybon then sighed.

"We do not know where he is and it will be completely dangerous to go after him."

"I'm going after him." I said.

"No!" Lybon shouted. "You are to go back to the human realm and stay safe. When it is time to come back I will send someone to find you. You must not come until we invite you. Understand?" He asked.

"You expect us to go back to the human and do nothing while Steve is out there being tortured. What will we tell his parents?" I asked.

"Nothing. They will expect him to be kidnapped or dead." He answered.

"That's horrible." I said.

"I can't do anything about that. If we send in men to go get him then we will lose more men then we'll save. This is all I can do."

I then just stood there and didn't reply. He turned around after a few seconds and walked back up to the castle.

"It'll be alright Eli." Lavender said. I didn't reply. I walked back up to the castle and into Steves and mine room. Well I guess only my room.