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"Yo, Ceddy," an obnoxiously loud dirty blonde shouted, "what's with you?" He stalked over with a towel draped over one shoulder, ruffling his wavy hair with his free hand. The steam of the locker room was humid to the point of suffocation. Nonetheless, the young man seemed immune and sat down on the bench to join his best friend.

"What do you mean?" Cedric replied, raising an eyebrow.

Willem, the blonde, raised an eyebrow of his own. "Your attitude today was…different. You weren't even mad that you could only sit on the bench."

Cedric snorted as if to say 'yeah, right'.

"It couldn't be…" Willem drawled with a lazy smirk, "that you got some 'special services' yesterday, could it?"

It was a perfect spit-take moment for Cedric…if he had actually been drinking something. Instead, he choked on his own saliva and whipped around to glare at his teammate with a dark glower. "You're hilarious."

"I know right?" Willem chuckled, wiping his face with the end of his towel. "But seriously, if that's not it, then what? You fall for that girl, Rissa, or something?"

"Absolutely not, she's annoying." Cedric denied vehemently.

"So you do like her."

"Willem, I said I don't, drop the subject."

Willem pouted childishly. Cedric just didn't know how to have fun—perhaps it was a defect in his genes. Either that or he was just completely asinine.

"What's that about Raul liking a woman?" Another loud voice drawled—Kyle King. The powerfully built man strolled over to the bench Cedric and Willem were sitting on with a curious light to his eyes.

"I think he's got the hots for his physical therapist!" The blonde one blurted, earning a smack to the back of the head by Cedric.

"Your physical therapist, Raul? Never knew you were into older women." Kyle whistled, running a hand through his wildly tangled, mousy brown hair.

"First of all, she's way to chipper all the time, it gives me headache. I have no feelings towards her whatsoever." Cedric aimed a pointed look at Willem, who wrinkled his nose in disagreement. "Secondly, she's only twenty-three." This time, the look was shot at Kyle and he held up his hands passively.

"Okay, okay." Kyle murmured, rolling his eyes. "Still," he sighed, "I'd like to see the face of the girl who was able to curb your temper. Someone like that ought to be given a medal."

Laughs of agreement chorused throughout the entire locker room. The guys were just as bad as girls when it came to gossip and eavesdropping.

Cedric's eyes narrowed and he stuffed a hand into his pocket to yank out the crumpled piece of paper Ryan had given him the day before. "Knock yourself out," he said, tossing it to his other teammate as he looked away.

"Hot damn," Kyle yowled after a moment. He turned the photo around and pointed to Rissa's face, "This girl is your therapist?" He tapped the photo for emphasis. "This one?" Tap. "Right here?" Tap, tap.

"Hey," Willem cut in, "she's almost as pretty as Lizzie!" He exclaimed.

"Watch it, Felix." Connor, Elizabeth's extremely over protective, older brother growled lowly from behind another row of lockers.

Of course, the commotion had drawn every man in the room to her photo like flies to honey and shouts of, "Raul, you lucky bastard. He gets all the pretty ones."

"Cedric, how can you not fall all over yourself with her?" Steven asked dramatically.

"Oh, wait, pick me! I know the answer to this one!" Willem bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. "It's because he's gay!"

This brought on the laughter of everyone as the Raul tried to strangle his best friend.

"Oh! I-I'm sorry..." A feminine voice squeaked, a soprano over the low baritones. All the heads swiveled to the entry way where a bright blonde girl stood nervously, clutching a bag. "Mr. Sanderson told me I could come in, I'm sorry I-I didn't realize I was interrupting—"

"Look! It's Rissa from the picture!"

The poor, unsuspecting woman was nearly barreled over by a tall, fit, and tan man with blonde spiky hair and the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Hiya! I'm Willem, Cedric's best friend!" He introduced himself excitedly.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Willem."

"Mr. Willem?" His nose wrinkled in distaste. "Just call me Willem, Mr. Willem makes me feel old."

Rissa gave a small smile to the half naked man in front of her before turning to Cedric. "Mr. Raul," she looked at the raven-haired man across the room apologetically, "yesterday I left in such a hurry that I forgot to give you your pain medication. I'm sorry I forgot, it's just that I had to go home and feed Lucas."

Cedric shrugged, eyes devoid of any emotion. Lucas…what a weird name to give a pet.

"Mr. Raul?" Willem gasped. "Around here it's just Cedric."

"Idiot," Cedric barked, "stop harassing her."

The dark blonde rolled his eyes in a carefree manner. "Seriously, just call him Cedric. Mr. Raul is too weird."

"Cedric it is, then." Rissa smiled warmly and padded hesitantly over to her patient, sending nervous glances to the large, burly men that surrounded her. It didn't help the fact that most of them were clad in only a fluffy, white towel around their waist. They all seemed like they were studying her carefully, which was a little unnerving. "Here," she handed a small, blue and white bottle to Cedric, "take one of these once a day until our physical therapy sessions are complete."

"Right." He glanced at the plastic container before putting it in his pocket.

"How was your back today?"

"Fine." He answered. Though, it was obviously better than fine, the meditation and breathing exercises made it so that the pain was but a small sore that barely ached when he bent over.

"Fine." A voice echoed with disbelief. It belonged to a young man—certainly no older than Cedric—with wild brown hair. "Fine, he says." The wild boy laughed. "He was better than fine today, he didn't even explode like he normally does when he's benched."

Rissa smiled with satisfaction.

"Kyle, keep your comments to yourself." Cedric growled.

"No way, not when you're degrading this woman's miracle," Kyle replied with a large smirk.

"I'm glad to know that yesterday's treatment was successful, but I've gotta go, otherwise I'll be late for my class," Rissa said, brushing a lock behind her ear, obviously embarrassed by Kyle's compliment.

"Eh?" Willem's eyebrows rose. "Rissa, you're still in school?"

"No, no," she laughed, eyes twinkling, "I'm a kindergarten teacher."

"Wait, so you work two jobs?" Kyle asked with wide, horrified eyes.

"I've got to support Lucas and myself somehow. By themselves, neither job can support us, but together I manage to make ends meet."

"Ceddy, you know about this?" Willem asked, wiping his face again with the end of his towel.

"Yeah." Cedric's eyes narrowed as all of his teammates sent him a vicious glower that, when combined of course, rivaled his own.

"You better be paying her well." The blonde warned as he waggled a single finger.

"Oh, he is," Rissa assured. "In fact, I think he's paying me a bit too much."

"Well, who knew Raul had a heart?" Kyle snorted with a suggestive grin.

"Tch. Ryan pays her, not me." The injured man growled with a large frown.

"Anyway," Rissa coughed, her cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment, "I'll be going. I'm sorry to have troubled you." She gave a polite incline of her head and scuttled over to the door before anyone could bombard her with more questions.

Huh…she's shy around groups of guys. He scoffed at the thought.

"Bye, Rissa!" Willem shouted animatedly, waving both hands over the top of his head like a beacon. Suddenly, he rounded on Cedric, hands jerking behind him wildly. "How can you be so indifferent to that?"

"Man, you're an idiot." Kyle hummed. "To have a girl like that—pretty, smart, and nice—damn, I'd give anything. Most girls nowadays try to dress like sexy skanks, act like whores, and are bitchy to boot."

Chuckles of agreement rippled throughout the crowd.

"I think you'd know that better than anyone." Kyle snorted, obviously referring to Cedric's past girlfriend—the terror that was Karen. Just the mention of her name made the entire team gag.

The only reason Cedric even dated Karen was for the sex—it was her only strong point. Other than that she was just damn annoying. Always whining, complaining, or hungry—sexually speaking. And when Cedric dumped her, boy, that was a fiasco—the woman just couldn't take no for an answer.

"Dude, you should go get her, otherwise, someone else will snatch her up." Willem warned with a large grin. "Not me though," he quickly defended because of Connor's furious glare, "'cause I've got Lizzie."

"All of you are way too nosy. Who says that I need to date her because she's pretty and nice?" Cedric growled, glaring at anyone who dared to make eye contact.

"So you admit that you're attracted to her?" Kyle chuckled, rubbing his neck.

"No," Cedric's glare increased tenfold, "I never said that."

"You said she was pretty!" Willem countered.

"Saying she's pretty and being attracted to her are two different things."

"Sure they are…" Kyle and Willem muttered together, rolling their eyes.

I wonder if he hates me…. Rissa Kally pondered with a slight frown. It would be difficult to help him if he hated her; that was for sure. He's always glaring at me and perpetually rude. Her frown deepened. Jeez, and we've only known each other for less than twenty-four hours.

"Mrs. Kally!" A young voice whined. Rissa looked up from the small stack of spelling papers she was grading.

"Yes, Kelsey?"

"Can I go to the bathroom?" Kelsey asked, one hand in the air and the other holding down her skirt as if she was about to go right then.

"Of course, hurry back."

Kelsey took off, opening the large classroom door with both hands. Then, she squeaked and stumbled backwards, hopping up and down.

"Kelsey, what's wrong?" Rissa rose from her chair at the back of the room in the corner and raced towards the five-year-old girl. "Did you hurt—oh!" The young teacher exclaimed at the sight of the man standing in the doorway.

"It's Willem Felix from the Whirlwinds!" Kyoko shouted excitedly. At the door, Willem gave a goofy grin and waved, scratching the back of his neck. At once, all of the young children crowded around the famous football player with awe.

"Wow," he murmured, "never knew I had so many little fans!" He reached down and ruffled a little boy's hair, who grinned up at him.

"Children, please go sit down, let's not crowd Mr. Felix." Rissa suggested nicely, motioning to the chairs in the center of the room. The children sighed in disappointment, grumbling all the way. "What can I do for you, Willem?" She whispered, leading him to her desk in the back corner, away from little ears.

"A small favor." He winked at her, his grin spreading. "You see, the Whirlwinds are having a party, celebrating Connor's birthday," Willem paused, "and I want you to come."

"Me?" Rissa whispered, astonished. "Why me?"

"Everyone seemed to like you, and no doubt Ceddy is gonna be in a sour mood because we're forcing him to go. If you're there, he probably wouldn't be so uptight." The blonde laughed quietly, shaking his head.

"And why would you think that?"

"Seems pretty obvious to me." Willem fiddled with a glass apple on Rissa's desk, tossing it back and forth in his hands.

"That wasn't an answer," Rissa sighed, sitting down in her plushy computer chair.

"Either way, I want you to come. Not just to keep Cedric in check, but because I'd like to be friends with you." He grinned again, setting the apple down carefully. Rissa was stunned…she hadn't realized she made that big of an impression.

"W-well," she cleared her throat, "I need to find someone to watch Lucas then; if I can find someone then I'll come."

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