A Special Lady

She was beautiful.

Everyone loved her despite her age; she had been around for decades always being there for anyone who needed her.

She was there for the children that played around her, she was there for young couples who would approach her when they needed a place to be together, she was there when someone needed shelter from the rain, she was even there for any animal, large or small that required her company and protection.

She absolutely adored being around people and she never failed to be of help. She especially loved little children, who would run to her when playtime arrived. She was forever present, enduring rain or shine to simply be useful to someone.

Ever since she was very small, she had known and loved the large park that was the pride of the town. It was especially beautiful at Christmas, all festive and lit up with hundreds of light bulbs that flashed and sparkled. Even she would wear festive decorations just to blend in with the cheerful atmosphere.

She had never felt so loved by so many people and she was simply happy to be alive. But one afternoon that all changed.

She was enjoying the warm sun at the park as usual, when some men pulled up at the curb in a large truck. She wondered if they were maintenance men, coming to work on some of the park structures. She noticed their tools and gloves and their strangely grim expressions. There wasn't a soul around, since the children were all at school and everyone else either working or at home.

The men approached her with large axes and she wondered why they would need them, when all of a sudden they brought down the blades upon her. They swung and chopped and carved at her limbs, apparently oblivious to her screams and cries. She couldn't understand why anyone would do such a horrific thing, and with her last breath she shook and groaned before plunging into the darkness forever. The men continued to dig their axes into her body, separating the pieces and one by one they carried each of her parts to the back of the truck.

Loading the axes onto the back beside her chopped up limbs, they got into their vehicle and drove away.

It was indeed murder they had committed. But this murder would never go to a court of law and those men would never go to prison.

Because she had been an oak, one of the oldest trees the town had planted at their park decades ago. The townspeople still needed her though…

As furniture for the new Town Hall.