Heated passion. She's all over me, I'm all over her. She kisses up from my stomach to my neck. We're one piece of clothing away. One away before I give it to her. She starts to suck on my neck, and I moan. Then, pain mixed with the best pleasure I've ever felt happens. She's still sucking on my neck, and I feel like I'm floating. When she pulls away, blood drips from her mouth. Her piecing green eyes gaze into my what I think looks like dreamy eyes. She bites her wrists, and presses the bleeding wrist to my mouth.

"Drink, my love." She whispers to me, her voice urgent. I latch on her wrist like a baby. I start to feel more alert, more awake. The room isn't so dark anymore, and I see her eyes a more beautiful green than before. She pulls her wrist away, the wound gone, no blood at all there. My neck starts to throb. She gets up, and grabs her clothes, dressing.

"W-Where are you going!" I semi-shout. She giggles at me, already dressed.

"Welcome to the first real night of your life." She says.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" I asked, angry.

"Hahaha, you're so cute." She giggles, and opens my window.

"You'll get hurt!" I cry. She jumps out the window. With a cry, I run to the window, exepting to see her dead or critically injured body gazing up at me. Instead, I see a dash of her blond hair before she's gone.

"What. The. Fuck?" I say.