Hate You

Friday June 17, 2011

I hate how seeing you sends butterflies through me

I hate how they rip my heart to shreds

I hate when my mind is consumed

When you're all I can


Or want to think about

I hate how your smile

Makes my day

I hate how your voice

Makes my week

Makes me weak

Leaving me breathless

I hate how your gorgeous eyes

Lost in the high

Makes my month

I hate how your inane smile

Makes me giddy and girly

And makes me year seem brighter

I hate how my bodies so infected by you that when you're gone

It begs for you back

In anyway

In everyway

I miss you everyday

I miss who you use to be

The man you are now

Isn't the man I love

It's just a breaking shell

I hate who you've become

I hate how you aren't the guy I've loved

I hate how my body betrays me

I hate you

I hate you so fucking much

I hate you so much

But I love you more