The hallway seemed longer than ever for Kyrie Trent as she struggled to keep her while carrying a stack of boxes. The backpack on her shoulders weight her down and the heels that she'd decided to wear that day made her feel even more off balance.

With an irritated sigh, she kicked off her shoes and continued down the hall. She missed the days when she could just wear tennis shoes to work and it be acceptable. Now that she was an assistant to Agent Braun, her dress code got a little more professional and she hated it. She'd come back for the shoes later, and if they weren't here when she got back, then anyone was welcome to them and Mr. Braun would have to deal with it.

However, the weight of the files was a different story entirely. Her arms strained just to hold them up and her back was beginning to hurt. She really needed to start working out more. Just had a few more feet…she could make that…

"Hey," familiar voice called, "Let me help you..."

"Oh thank you," She said in relief and smiled as she recognized the man that lifted two of the boxes from her arms, "Hey Dale."

"We've been missing you for the past few weeks," Dale adjusted his grip of the boxes and they started walking. Kyrie looked back at her shoes and kept walking. Maybe if she ignored them for a bit, then someone would come along and pick them up "So what's the deal? Agent Braun's keeping you as his assistant for good or something?"

"Uh….still temporary I think. I would've been released earlier, but there's been a new development."

"Oh yeah? What could he possibly need from a tech? I mean, really. None of us are qualified to be an assistant."

"He probably doesn't want me for anything major, but I have to help him get an inventory of all the clones?"

"Don't we have enough?"

"Guess not." She lied. She liked Dale, she really did, but she didn't know exactly how much of him was trustworthy. Agent Braun had given her strict instructions to keep this inventory as quiet as possible. Not even his superiors knew what he was doing.

"Hey, is it true about those robberies?"

"What about them?" she asked.

"I heard they miraculously stopped? I heard that that little League of Extraordinary Superheroes stepped in to take care of it and Lisa contacted your father afterward?"

She tensed slightly, and prayed that she just didn't give away her poker face, "Who told you that?"

"No one, I only heard me a little, the call logs and witness testimony told me the rest. So, what happened? "

"No idea," she continued to lie. But inwardly she was panicking; give a tech a slow day and he could discover things that not even the higher ups knew about. "But Braun wants me to look at security and cameras so I'm guessing that it might be an inside job."

"Who would be dumb enough to do that? After what Lisa Eisley did, anyone stupid enough to help with the bank robberies is just asking to be terminated."

She shuddered at the world 'terminated." To some it just meant losing their job. In the Facility, it took a whole other meaning.

"He doesn't want me to focus on the runnings outside of the facility; he said he wanted me to focus in the prison ward."

"What? He thinks a prisoner did this?"

She kicked herself; she was so used to talking freely with the other techs that her own promise a few seconds ago to keep her mouth shut had been forgotten about, "Yeah, that's his theory."

"But how?"

"That's what I intend to find out."

Frederic Braun tapped his foot impatiently against the floor. He didn't know why the call with Lisa Eisley was bothering him. She was a traitor and he couldn't trust anything she said. For all he knew, she was sending them on a wild good chase while her team went about getting some kind of plan in place and he'd never know it.

But there was something that told him that she was telling the truth, and if what she said was right then he couldn't afford not to do anything.

"Hi sir,"

He looked up as Kyrie and a man that he didn't recognize walked into the small office and put the boxes down.

"Who's this?" he demanded.

"This is Dale Dorota, he's a tech," she put the boxes down on the desk and took the boxes from her friend, "We trained together."

"Oh, that's nice," he walked forward and slammed the door in Dale's face.

Kyrie scoffed and looked at him incredulously, "Was that completely necessary?"

"Tech's tend to be blabbermouths if it means it'll get them promoted. No offense intended little one." She glared. She hated the nickname that he'd given her which was why he kept using it. If she was going to be his assistant, then she needed a tougher skin," and I don't want anyone other than my superiors to see what we're doing. I want this inventory of the clones as quiet as possible so that if anything is wrong then nothing will be covered up."

"You do realize that you're talking about trusting woman that tasered you, and made her alliances somewhere else."

She tensed; he didn't need reminding, "I'm aware."

"Then why do you trust her."

"Because despite her horrible lack of judgment in friends, Lisa is aware that there are certain people who don't need to be out in the world with the abilities that they have. I wish the Guardians gave IQ tests to people before they ran around injecting them with things like teleportation and fire-starting and calling it medicine."

"Medicine? Really?"

"Yeah, how do you think so many people were infected without their own consent? Make a vial of the stuff, sell it as a flu vaccine and watch to see who it infects."

"Why? Why would they do all this?"

"For science? For the fun of it? I don't know. But they target innocent people, and that's enough of an excuse for me to use extreme force in taking them down."

"And not to mention that they turned your kids."

He looked up sharply, "What did you say?"

He must've given her a look that was terrifying because she took one look at him and paled, "I'm sorry."

"Why are you so interested anyway?"

"No reason, sir." She moved behind the desk. It would provide great cover in case he decided to shoot her for her big mouth, "I just want to know and understand more about these people if we're going to hunt them down and do further damage by taking them from their families."

He didn't say anything at first, "We have a long day ahead of us," he slammed a large packet of papers down, "That's the inventory of clones in this Facility; I want you to take care of that. I'm going to see who set up the bank robberies."

"I thought I was supposed to man the cameras."

"Yeah well, I can do that, and if I need your help, I'll page you. Besides, it'll teach you discipline and teach you your place since you've forgotten what that is again."

"But I wore heels today," she raised her foot up to demonstrate and then realized that she was barefoot, "Still. Do you know how long that'll take me to do?"

"All day most likely, and don't worry about being barefoot, it's not like anyone is in there other than scientists and they're more eccentric than you are. "


"As you grow older you start to have more responsibilities ad most of those responsibilities get harder."

"That's very nice; I heard the same speech from my third grade teacher."

He smirked, "Trent. Have fun, try and be done by tomorrow morning, we have more cases that we need to get started on."