Kyrie leaned against the pillow of the exam table and tried not to focus on the doctor as he put his hand on her knee. She didn't like people touching her; she never had since she was a child. She never did well when it came to her physicals and now that a doctor was checking her knee, it was everything she had not to pull away at his touch. If it weren't for Agent Braun standing next to her, then she probably would move around a bit more. But not in front of him. She couldn't reveal any kind of weakness if it was in front of him.

"Let me know when."

Kyrie drew in the breath through her teeth and squirmed when the doctor drew her knee in towards her chest, "Right there, that's it."

"Alright, just stay here and I'll order some x-rays to be done."

"So, her days of assisting could be over?" Frederic asked and she could hear a tinge of regret in his voice. She saved his life and that had gained his respect. There was something that could be described as admiration written on his face.

"Well, I don't know for sure yet," the doctor said, "but I'm going to have you assigned to working behind a desk until your leg heals. Trust me; you'll thank me later in life."

"Now that'd be a shame," Frederic said as he took the chair next to the bed, "Because I believe that you're starting to get used to your new promotion."

"Nah, I'll be fine." She told him as the doctor left, "I need a bit of a rest after everything I've been through lately."

"And who will I have to back up my story when I go give my report to what's left of the board of directors?"

"Don't worry about it; the dark cloud over your career has passed. I had Steve hack into the emails of your superiors."

"Really. What did I tell you about trusting people? Especially after Dale."

"Your work in the past couple of days has earned solid marks and disproved anyone who believed that you weren't up to the task anymore, sir," she smiled, "You get keep your 'best agent in the world' title for just a little bit longer."

His smile faltered, "Now don't get your hopes up. They haven't found the fourth clone that was stolen, and that'll be when I get my reputation back."

"He's probably long gone by now but I think you expect too much," she told him simply, "Sir, in the past two days you found out who orchestrated that bank robbery, found the person responsible for stealing the clones and stopped them, and you stopped Bernard Harving from…like getting complete control of this place. Thanks to your contribution, they found 19 people that were providing him information-"

"Well, you found one"

"Some of which were traced up to the board of directors. Sir, you did amazing work."

"So did you, which is why I've put in for your promotion to be permanent. I think you can do outstanding work as my assistant."

"A bad leg won't help matters."

"You'll be fine, legs heal and you proved yourself to be trustworthy and I think you can make a name for yourself," he put his hand on her shoulder, "Thank you for your work today."

"Anytime sir," she nodded.

"I'll be scheduling your x-rays to be in a couple of hours," the nurse said as she approached and Agent Braun cleared his throat awkwardly and walked off.

"Alright," Kyrie sat up, "Can you put in for a pair of crutches please. I'd like to get some work done while I wait."

The cell that they put Bernard in a cell that was so small and cramped that although he could stand, he couldn't stretch out all the way. The pallet smelled of urine and sweat and blood and he'd made it a habit of sleeping on the floor. He'd have to wait until they stopped giving him the drugs again. He doubted he'd have to wait long, the suppression drug never lasted.

He looked up when his door was opened and smiled, "Ms. Trent, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

She struggled with the crutches and leaned on the doorway, "Did Dale tell you my name?"

"Several of my people told me that, Dale told me more. However I suppose that I won't see your little boyfriend or my suppliers anymore," he looked her over, "Unless you're applying for the position."

She shifted uncomfortably and nearly lost her balance from the crutch, "You're receiving injections to keep you from using your ability from trusted sources; you don't have anything I want. Not that I'd ask you anyway. I'm here to inform you that our business is done. We found the clones and captured the girl responsible."

"Not all of them."

"How do you know?"

"What? Do you honestly think that you found all my informants?"

"Just face it, you lost today."

"Not really, I shaved a lot of dead weight off my informants, I found what makes Frederic Braun tick, and I found out about you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you really think that he put in for you to get a promotion because he was really impressed with you? It's doubtful. Agent Braun isn't impressed with anyone that's not himself. No, he knows about your ability."

Frederic pulled his coat on as he moved around the office, tidying up for the end of the day. Going home was something that he usually dreaded, but now he couldn't help but have a little smile. Whether they found the fourth clone or not, it didn't matter, he was currently proud of himself right now. Kyrie was right, they did good work today.

He pulled the picture of his family out of the drawer and stared at it, he was going to see his kids again one day, and if that meant that it'd be from the other side of the cell so be it. Until then, he was going to rebuild his reputation so that he'd have people he trusted to take care of them when they were brought in.

With a sigh, Frederic dropped the picture in the trash bin and walked out of the room.

"I don't have ability," Kyrie said and shifted. She was a horrible liar. The least she could've done was look him in the eye.

"You jumped on a clone super speeding down a stairwell, so either you're amazing at physics, extremely lucky, or you have some kind of foresight because clones are fast. And you're bad at hiding what you are and he knows something's up. He's keeping his eye on you Kyrie Trent. Maybe if you reveal too much we might even share the same hallway in the prison ward."

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Judging by the shape of your leg, I'd say you're about to go on a nice extended vacation. However, you'll be back and working again. I expect we'll see each other very soon; just so you know my door is always open if you want to rethink that position I just offered. Goodbye Ms. Trent, I have high hopes for you."

The End